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Makor Rishon Newspaper Facing Lawsuit Over Refusal to Publish LGBTQ Ad



The Religious Zionist Makor Rishon weekly was sued over its refusal to include a pro-LBGTQ advertisement, Flash 90 reports. The paper said it did not want to publish the ad because it didn’t want to upset its readers.


A number of people from Religious Zionism wanted the ad placed as a response to an open letter from senior National-Religious rabbis that spoke negatively about the LGBTQ community.


“We, who grew up on values and love for your neighbor as yourself that everyone is created in God’s image, are hurt by the derision, aggressiveness, and segregation irresponsibly spread by many rabbis of the religious leadership, against us and against our brothers and sisters,” the advertisement said.


According to Channel 2 in Israel, Makor Rishon did say it would run the ad if the petition organizers could agree to repay the paper for any canceled subscriptions that could arise from the controversial ad.


After Makor Rishon would only accept $250 payments in place of each canceled subscription, the ad organizers decided to take the paper to court over a discrimination claim.


The paper said it doesn’t have anything against the LGBTQ community and was only taking the same precautions it said it always takes when handling what it considers controversial subject matter.


Makor Rishon has already published ads from LGBT organizations. It did not object to the publication in this case, but in consultation with legal advisors, it made this conditional on receiving an agreement for possible damages caused as a result of the publication,” a statement released by the newspaper read.


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