Netflix Runs Away From Farrakhan documentary

Netflix announced on Tuesday that a Louis Farrakhan documentary will not stream on its platform.


The documentary’s focus is on the Nation Of Islam’s leader, Farrakhan, a man who hasn’t shied away from making anti-Semitic comments. The Jewish Voice reported in recent months about how Farrakhan said Jews “infected the world” and that observant Jews were “satanic” and responsible for homosexuality. Farrakhan even tweeted about the upcoming movie, “My Life’s Journey Through Music,” back when Netflix released a list indicating that the documentary would be one of the upcoming films for the online platform. Netflix released a statement that cites an error as the reason why the film was unintentionally included in the list, The Wrap reports.


“Due to an internal miscommunication, it appeared to be scheduled for release on Netflix, but it is not,” a company spokesperson said. “We apologize for any confusion this has caused.”


Netflix’s quick statement about the film doesn’t come as a surprise with how volatile the anti-Semitic Farrakhan has been, even losing his Twitter verification after his hate-filled sermon about Jews.





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