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Spectrum Cable Could Lose Service Provider Status in NY



Charter Cable’s Spectrum could lose the chance to continue providing services in New York for failing to live up to a service agreement and “misleading the public,” a state utility regulator said last Friday.

The cable company, which was formed when Charter and Time Warner Cable merged in 2016, hadn’t extended service to 145,000 homes and businesses in the state that are in unserved or underserved areas in New York, according to a ruling from the state’s Public Service Commission.

“Charter continues to show an inability or a total unwillingness to extend its network in the manner intended by the Commission to pass the requisite number of unserved or underserved homes and/or businesses,” John B. Rhodes, chair of the commission, said in a 28-page decision.

He added that the company tried to “mislead the public” by saying it had provided new service to 12,467 addresses in New York City, when in fact those households already had service.

“Some of these large corporations think they can get away with murder,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo said at a press event in Auburn, NY, on Friday.

Luckily, the ruling has no impact on New Yorkers and their ability to access cable television services. Charter has 30 days to appeal the ruling, according to The New York Post.

The company put out the idea that Cuomo may be behind the crackdown as a means of using political leverage, but it’s unclear if the company has any intentions to appeal the decision.

“In the weeks leading up to an election, rhetoric often becomes politically charged,” spokeswoman Shelley Loo told The New York Post.

The state has two months to pick a successor company to take over Charter’s service, according to The New York Post.

The commission is “talking to a number of companies” to replace Spectrum, Cuomo said.

By: Amie Dunn

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