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The Winner in Helsinki: Israel!!



“The Businessman Meets the Bully,” should be the title of the Trump-Putin meetings in Helsinki this week. And these talks came right after Trump, without taking so much as a breather, rushed around the world to meet with the dictatorial leaders of North Korea, China, the heads of the NATO nations and the royalty of England. That’s not a bad itinerary for a president who has received unwarranted criticism by his political adversaries.

In Helsinki, Trump discussed a litany of topical issues with the Russian president. Chief among them were commerce and trade, denuclearization efforts, the crisis in Syria, a joint effort in strengthening cybersecurity and of course Trump queried Putin on his role in the alleged collusion matter. He asked Putin if he had any knowledge of these 12 Russian hacks who were indicted by the Mueller team for stealing the DNC’s e-mails and releasing them to WikiLeaks.

Above all, Trump stood firm that he will fight tooth and nail for what he considers the best for his country. In other words, he carries the slogan, “America First” with him whenever he takes off on Air Force one. A pleasant change.

The encounters behind closed doors are where the real contentious topics are hammered out and sometimes, sometimes ironed out. And we have to wait to see what changes are forthcoming in the days, weeks and months ahead.

And while we’re at it, let’s not kid ourselves about who we are dealing with. Putin is a ruthless guy. He’s a former KGB thug who still hands out death sentences as readily and routinely without any sense of remorse. He has no concern for others.

Trump is no fool. He knows that Russia had been coddled for years by our former presidents to do as he wished in the Ukraine, Crimea, Syria and to threaten the former Eastern Bloc nations of Poland and Czechoslovakia. Trump has evidenced total and military support in all of those areas to counter Putin. Donald will not blink. We’ve even killed Russians in Syria. Trump has energized and strengthened the anti-Russia forces of NATO with his openness. Trump plays hardball and the scarred veteran spy chief Putin knows the score.

In their torrent of coverage of the summit, what the mainstream media has conveniently left out is that the real winner here is Israel. Yes, folks, amazing as it may sound, the tiny little Jewish State now enjoys the full-throated support of both the United States and Russia. During their joint press conference in Helsinki, Trump spoke of the US’s unwavering commitment to Israel’s security as Putin concurred and said that Trump had emphasized this during their negotiations.

Just a few years ago, the BDS movement had seen more than a modicum of success with their insidious campaign to malign Israel and thus isolate her globally. Dramatic changes, however, have taken place and thanks to President Trump’s support, Israel has regained its confidence on the world stage and forges ahead in their perennial quest to survive in a hostile neighborhood.

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