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Israel Must Finish the Job in Gaza!!!



Israel has been fighting a continuous war with the Muslim world since day one of its birth. It has been a never ending, daily battle for the Jewish State to be on constant alert for attacks from Palestinians who now occupy Judea-Samaria and Gaza. This is costly in manpower, productivity and the psychological state of mind of its citizens. Any psychologist will tell you that having a bomb shelter in each home, apartment or school and constantly being on the alert, takes its toll on the nerves of those who must be constantly be prepared for a suicide attack, knife assault or rocket onslaught. It never seems to end.

And now, a new terror technique has now been invented by the Palestinians……..flaming kites to incinerate homes, forests and planted fields. Why are science teachers in Palestinian schools encouraging their students to come up with developing techniques of terror rather than teaching how to separate human waste from their supplies of drinking water?

Just this past weekend, over 200 rockets and mortars were fired at Israel from Gaza intended to kill and maim as many Jews as possible. Of course, the usual reaction from Israel was the unleashing of limited airstrikes at the points from which these missiles were launched. Apparently these “defensive responses” from the one of the world’s major military forces against these primitive savages ceased after an hour or two then going back to waiting for the assured next terror onslaught to replay their “defensive responses.” And on and on. As things stand now, our great-grandchildren will be reading similar reports for ages to come.

This living under a seemingly never ending state of terror on the part of a peaceful, civilized, contributing to society group of people has to come to an end. To wait until the Palestinians cease this means of warfare is out of the question. They will continue this reign of terror as long as they are permitted by Israel to do so. We can only imagine what our own response would be if our citizens were similarly attacked on a daily basis from, let’s say, Canada. Every Peacenik living within the radius of such onslaughts would call for, and rightly so, for a military response to put an end to such threats… once. No questions asked.

Israel must finally take a hard-line stand. Now is the time. President Trump will not stand in the way of a massive air and artillery bombardment of the war citadel, Gaza. Their people must be warned to leave by any means they can. All those who remain must be considered combatants. We won WWII by bombing Dresden, Hamburg and other cities that contributed to the war effort of Nazi Germany. Israel is in a war and they must finally act to terminate the enemy. Israel did not ask for this war but it is their responsibility to finally end it….their way.


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