Miami Man Arrested for Plotting to Burn Building to “Kill All The Jews”

A Miami man, who was upset with his neighbors after getting evicted  from his condo, threatened to ” burn down the building with “all the f***ing Jews”, CBS Miami reported.

They also found Nazi reading materials and a Swastika in his apartment.

Witnesses told police that Walter Stolper, 72, had shown aggression toward some of residents and board of directors of his building in Miami Beach.

When officers arrived at the building, they could smell the gas. A resident also complained about the strong odor of gas in the hallways and elevators.

“We do believe that we were minutes away from a potentially deadly situation,” explained Miami Beach Police spokesman Ernesto Rodriguez to Miami media.

“We received a tip yesterday. He had been acting strangely saying a lot of derogatory comments towards the Jewish community. We later learned there was a pending eviction for him,” Rodriguez continued.

“Inside of the unit, we found Nazi reading material as well as a swastika. This again is a very, very, very dangerous individual. Our detectives also seized two firearms,” said Rodriguez.

Police also discovered he destroyed the smoke detector system in the building,  purchased 2 electrical fans to fan the flames and cause as much damage as possible. He also purchased padlocks to place on a nearby firehouse to keep firefighters from extinguishing the flames, CBS 4 Miami reported





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