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Does the “Resistance” Tolerate Dissenting Views??



There can be no doubt about the seriousness of the Left’s violent reaction to the presidential election results of 2016. And we are concerned that the future of this nation is at risk. The last time we had such a hostile mindset of hostility was in April of 1861 when the Confederates fired on Fort Sumter initiating the Civil War. And you know the results of that. The rebel states at that time were a ragtag, agrarian group of Southern states that confronted the North. There was a delineated border between them. Both sides wore contrasting uniforms. There were two distinct, conflicting armies facing off on open battle fields against one another. It was brutal.

Right now we are confronted with a situation that could be far more serious than that. Our country is now split, not geographically but politically, economically, racially, morally and ideologically. We don’t seem to agree on anything. On the morning of November 9th, as soon as the disastrous, for the Democrats, election results were finalized, all hell broke loose in the streets all around the country. Nothing localized. Everywhere. The country was ablaze with women’s marches, attacks on Trump supporters and the announcement from the Left that they would not abide by the outcome; that Trump was the legally elected president.

One and one half years after the vote, the situation has become more aggravated. The investigations into the supposed collusion on the part of Trump with Russia is still ongoing with no end (or facts on the table) in sight. Democrat leaders are stoking up calls for Trump to be impeached. Ordinary citizens are chiming in. Then the illegal alien issue was brought to the fore with claims that Trump was having children placed in cages, separated from their families.

People are marching, demanding that our borders be open to all and that our Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency be shut down. Throw in the abortion issue and Supreme Court appointees. The clamor for Trump’s head ala Kathy Griffin is escalating. They are calling for his assassination. All hell is breaking loose on our streets, in our communities in every state. People are being attacked, assaulted and threatened if they are identified as Trumpers. There is no rationality on the part of the Left. Neither from their elected leaders nor from their followers. It is getting out of hand.

We are concerned that our nation is facing the possibility of massive violence that could easily, with our communication system, get out of hand in a matter of hours. It behooves the leaders of the Progressive, Socialist and Liberal movements to step in now to cool the situation off. Once the kindling gets aflame, it’s hard to stop the wind blown wildfires of hate from spreading.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Morris Rabenu

    07/13/2018 at 3:01 am

    The radical left and Democratic Socialists may prefer that.

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