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President Trump’s Challenging Week

Dear Editor:

Everything is related to everything! President embarks on a seven day foreign trip this week, focused on a NATO summit with allies and then a Russian summit with our adversary. While he focuses this week on Europe, rest assured that worldwide our friends, adversaries, and enemies will be watching very closely. Simultaneously, Secretary of State Pompeo is pressing North Korea to end its nuclear weapons program, with a slow down of progress. Russia is aiding the Syrian army’s attempt to reassert control over the Damascus-Jordan highway, as well as the border towns of Daara and Quneitra.

Russia is taking control over the eastern Mediterranean Sea, while intimidating Israel jets flying over southern Syria. Iran is beginning again to harass our ships in the Persian gulf, while simultaneously invading Latin America with over 100,000 physical, narco, and cultural terrorists. Illegal alien invaders are attacking our southern border, aided by Islamist organizations, drug trafficking organizations, and transnational criminal organizations. And our ally Israel is fighting arson terrorists from Gaza, financed by Iran.

With friend and foe watching so closely, President Trump must improve relations with our allies, while simultaneously intimidating our adversaries and enemies. Any concession will be regarded as a sign of weakness. Any clear victory will show strength and can be used to better intimidate our foes. A challenging week indeed is coming up for President Trump and US foreign policy!


Ken Abramowitz


Heat Wave Blues

Dear Editor:

Has it been hot out or what? I wanted to thank your paper for publishing the article called “As Temps Sizzle NYC Issues Heat Warning,” because even though the act was simple, it was an important one.

We live in a truly amazing time and world where we have healthcare, science, a society meant to sustain each individual, so it can be easy to become complacent and forget about the sheer power of mother nature. I absolutely love summer fun, but it’s so important to remember that heat can be dangerous! The more people and news outlets reporting on heat waves and their dangers, the better. It’s worth it if even one person sees the reporting and acts smarter in the heat. Getting caught in the sun can go south very fast. Heat fatigue-type symptoms are really bad, but they can get seriously scary quickly and can become life-threatening. The youngest and fittest can succumb to heat stroke. This is no laughing matter.

Always have situational awareness. Try to avoid the sun during the middle of the day, especially because it’s also easy to get burned, and try finding shade or even water in which to swim. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, and reapply that sunscreen over and over! Summer can be the best and most romantic time of year, when everything in nature and all the people of this great city really come to life and make lifelong memories. Just make sure to take important precautions into consideration so those fun times don’t turn into tragedies.


Jesse Cinnabar


Calling All Ice Cream Lovers!

Dear Editor,

Who doesn’t love ice cream this time of year? The only problem is that you have to eat it indoors in air conditioning because this heat will almost instantly turn it into a mess! There’s no shortage of ice cream places in the city, each with their own personal flavor and flair, but I’ve noticed more recently Japanese and Taiwanese ice creams popping up a lot. The flavors are pretty foreign to the average New Yorker but nonetheless an awesome, and chilling in the best of ways, experience.

When I read the paper’s article that was titled “11 Weird Wonderful Israeli Ice Cream Flavors,” I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought about what kinds of different ice cream the Promised Land may be creating. I just wish we could import more to here! Borough Park and the rest of Brooklyn, let’s go!

Some of the flavors sound outright disgusting, but if I learned anything, it’s that you need to try things. Plus, all logical fallacies aside, if the public likes something, it must be good, right? Bulgarian cheese and watermelon gelato? Olive oil and caramelized cherry tomatoes, in an ice cream? What is going on? I just wish I could actually see for myself how these seemingly horrid frozen treats would probably be the best things I’ve tasted all summer. Don’t ever judge a book by its cover! For now, I guess we’ll have to hope for imports, emulation here in the city, or maybe it’s finally time for me to go back to Israel! Who’s coming with me? I mean, halva sorbet and bamba? Come on, people! Let’s go!


Benjamin Taub


Summer Camp Memories

Dear Editor:

I went to summer camp for my whole childhood and for even longer than that, so it made me happy seeing the article your paper published called “Summer Camp: A Beacon of Hope for Ukraine’s Jewish Children.” Camp is so so important. My camp was actually founded because back in the day, Jews still weren’t allowed in most country clubs, so some Jewish people got together and created an amazing space where Jewish kids in the tai-state area and even beyond could come to have an amazing summer, make lifelong friends, and grow and mature in a way that could only happen at camp.

There were two girls in the article who couldn’t have summarized the importance of camp better and what it can do for young people like her. It nearly brought tears to my eyes.

LifeChanger summer camp has radically changed the lives of children who could not be reached in other settings. Bogdana had difficulties communicating with her peers and was bullied at school. At camp, she began to blossom and develop real leadership qualities. By the time she returned to school, Bogdana was confident and was very socially active.

Angela had a similar experience and explains that LifeChanger FSU’s summer camp helped her develop her strengths and set personal goals. “I became more confident, and I suddenly wanted to learn more about everything. I was determined to improve my school performance, and I knew from my experiences at summer camp that I could expect more from myself, and that I should be proud of what I already accomplished.”

We need more kids to have these experiences, so I am so thrilled to hear the Ukrainian community has this camp that’s working so well for so many young Jews just trying to navigate and succeed in life.


Eric Calabretta


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Marc mishaan

    07/16/2018 at 1:55 pm

    Please relate to your readers that the voice lacks any nuisance in its reporting,which is its right. However this does a disservice to the community it serves.”right & left wing” ideologes misrepresent the realities of political situations & lead to the breakdown of contuctive dialogue.

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