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Calls for World Leaders to Join Israel in Defeating the Iranian Menace



Just a little over a year and a half ago, Israel was an internationally besieged, isolated nation facing the risk of being sacrificed to appease the Iranian Mullahs. The BDS Movement was in high gear and our outgoing President Obama even sent $2 billion in Euros and other foreign currency, some on actual pallets to Iran some of which to be used surely for terror against the Jewish State. Among its supporters there were many furrowed brows, concerned that the Obama friendly White House would continue its anti-Israel bent under Hillary.  But, November 8th turned that scenario upside down.

Israel now sits as an equal partner with the United States as a threat to the continuation of the current Iranian regime and its leaders. There is not only a strong bond between the citizens of Israel and the U.S. but Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Trump seem to be reading out of the same play book. They are leading the charge to defang the Iranian leadership where it hurts, in the pocketbook and militarily. Oil is Iran’s major export. Cut the price of that liquid gold or take away its customer base and the regime falls into a financial Dumpster.  Increase the daily barrel output of oil, flood the market and the barrel price drops like a rock. Under Trump, the other major Arab oil producers in the region, the UAE, Kuwait and Arabia have unified against Iran and can increase production in a minute.

And let’s look at the Iranian people themselves. Back in 2009, street riots by the freedom demanding Green Movement protesting the bogus election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad resulted in the government’s crushing the young protesters with brutal force. Our President Obama remained silent. Not so today with the most significant protests in 9 years rocking Iran. Their state media reported last week that the death toll from clashes between young demonstrators and security forces had reached over 20. Hundreds of people have been arrested and activists are taking the rare step of publicly criticizing the country’s religious leaders.


A hint as to who is behind these outbursts of rioting can be gathered by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s accusation that the “enemies of Iran” are meddling in the country’s affairs. Our guess is that the United States and Israel are fomenting these rapidly growing street protests to undermine the terrorists in Tehran. The partnership between Trump and Netanyahu is now focused on removing Iran as a threat to world democracy by working within the country rather than overt military force. A super duo. 

And we’ve seen the brilliancy of Trump bringing once hostile nations together to stand strong against their common enemy, Iran. The tensions and hostility that sat seemingly for an eternity between Israel on the one hand and the nations of Egypt, Arabia, Jordan and the UAE seem to be evaporating. Apparently they now realize that they all face a common threat to their survival…..a nuclear armed Iran. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” The United States overtly and Israel very discreetly are training the military of these Arab nations to fight as a united force in the event of any breakout of hostilities with Iran. The umbrella over them; the force binding them together is America. Hopefully these countries will finally come to realize the benefits they can reap by creating a bond with Israel and the United States.

PM Netanyahu seems now to be the Energizer Bunny in traveling to Russia. Putin invited him to Moscow on May 9th to join him at the annual victory day Parade marking the victory over Nazi Germany and the PM also went to Moscow on January 29th where the two leaders went to the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center in the capital for an event marking International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Hopefully these meetings will bring these leaders and their nations closer together. Israel could use another friend in the Security Council. Bibi will be visiting with Putin again next week. Surely on the agenda will be Iran and Syria where Russian forces are engaged.


In order to continue to improve Israel’s relations with Russia they must set guidelines to avoid accidental clashes between Israeli and Russian forces that both operate in Syria. Since intervening in the Syrian civil war on behalf of Assad, Russia has generally turned a blind eye to Israeli attacks on Iranian and Hezbollah forces. Netanyahu, now emboldened and supported by Trump feels confident that his voice and warnings to the combatants in Syria and Lebanon will be heard. He now can stand up one on one with Vladimir Putin and the rest of the world’s community. As an example of his newly found stature he called out Europe thusly on July 4th: “Here’s my message to the European leaders: stop funding the very regime that is sponsoring terrorism against you and against so many others. stop appeasing Iran!” He is now a respected diplomat with clout.

And Netanyahu also paid tribute to the alliance between his nation and the United States on July 4th at a reception at the newly opened American Embassy in Jerusalem. His words of sincere love for our country: “We’re grateful for America’s independence. We’re grateful for America’s strength. We’re grateful for America’s alliance with Israel.” And: “It’s freedom, liberty, democracy. These aren’t hollow slogans. they are the bedrock of western civilization. They’re the secret of America’s success and of Israel’s success. They’re the secret of our ingenuity – Israel’s and America’s – the big leaders of technology in the world.” Trump and Netanyahu, truly a bond made in heaven.

Alan Bergstein is the founder and president of the Judeo-Christian Republican Club in Florida and is a prolific writer.

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