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I.C.E Protesters Become Unhinged As Woman Scales Statue Of Liberty



A protestor forced an evacuation of Liberty Island when she committed her daring stunt of climbing the Statue of Liberty.


CNN reports that on July 4, in broad daylight, protesters gathered on Liberty Island and one woman “walked back and forth under Lady Liberty’s sandal and then sat down and appeared to unfurl a small flag or banner,” which appeared to be a call to abolish the government agency known as the United States Immigrations and Customs Enforcement.


CNN reports that for about two hours, the protester stood her ground on the base of the statue, sometimes sitting under Lady Liberty’s foot. She wouldn’t come down until “‘all the children have been released,” which she said while also at times waving a t-shirt reading “Trump Care Makes Us Sick” and “Rise and Resist.”


The police eventually got her and took her away from the statue, luckily leading to a relatively peaceful and safe resolution.


In the wake of President Donald Trump’s “zero tolerance”  enforcement of existing  immigration policy of  separating migrant children from their parents who were apprehended at the border, a popular but lesser known liberal desire to abolish the law enforcement agency has started gaining traction and may become part of a litmus test for Democrats who want to run for office. Some of the protests across the country regarding the agency have gotten to the point of practicing civil disobedience while a few cases of protest have gotten out of hand.


Some immigration policy protesters clashed with police in Philadelphia during a protest that had been mostly going well.


Once Philadelphia police and Homeland Security officers started telling protesters they could no longer block the garage doors of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, protesters locked arms in front of the doors. After three warnings, police began making arrests, and as one was being made, a chaotic clash with police happened, according to CBS Philadelphia.


Protesters camped out overnight outside the Atlanta City Jail in Georgia for a third day, eventually leading to a confrontation. Because the tents violated a city ordinance, a confrontation was inevitable, and this one turned violent.

“They refused and became belligerent, striking the officers,” Atlanta Police Maj. Rick Mason said.


One person went to jail, and no officers were hurt, according to police.


In another case, a U.S. Secret Service officer was injured in an assault while on patrol outside the White House on after an immigration rally, according to newly filed federal court records.



1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Arlene Ancon

    07/06/2018 at 1:05 pm

    Disrupting innocent people. Awful. No regard for the public. Horrible people

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