De Blasio Favors Border photo-op Over Migrant Kids in City

Mayor Bill de Blasio visited an El Paso child shelter on Thursday after promising to help the hundreds of migrant kids being held in New York without their parents.


At least six people traveled with him to Texas to join 12 other mayors in protest of President Donald Trump’s “zero tolerance” border policy. They demanded entry to the shelter while admitting it was an entirely futile effort.


“We fully expect to not be told the truth, we fully expect to be turned away the way senators and congressmen have been turned away just trying to get the honest truth about what’s happening to these children just as all of you have been doing,” de Blasio said at the press conference.

The New York post describes how de Blasio, on a taxpayer-funded trip, led a procession of news cameras to the gate of the facility a “tent city” where an estimated 360 kids are housed. A guard blocked the entryway.


“Hi, how you doing? Mayor Bill de Blasio, mayor of New York City, is there a supervisor to talk to here?” he asked the guard, who did not respond. The lack of response prompted de Blasio to turn to the cameras to insist that he should be allowed in because he’s a mayor.


“Everyone who works here knows that a group of mayors from all over the country came here on behalf of our millions and millions of constituents to know what’s going on,” he said.


“And the fact is this is our federal government denying access, not allowing information and it’s not American. It’s crazy,” the mayor continued.


De Blasio said in an interview on MSNBC that the trip wasn’t a publicity stunt because his it is his duty as an elected official to ask questions about what’s happening elsewhere in the country.


“The fact is this is something the American people care about, de Blasio started. “How was our money being spent? Is it being spent in a way that we would feel comfortable with?” he asked.

“That is what public officials are supposed to ascertain. There is something eerie about a government agency saying we’re not gonna let the media in, we are not going to let public officials in. That would never fly in my city. I’ll tell you that much. New Yorkers would never stand for that. I don’t think Americans anywhere would stand for that,” the mayor said.


Despite Trump signing an executive order Wednesday to stop border-crossing children being removed from their parents, de Blasio said he “has not solved the problem.”


The executive order violates a 1997 consent decree saying that you can’t detain or imprison children for over 20 days. A court may therefore tell the administration that they can’t follow the new directive.


Speaking to press, de Blasio said “zero tolerance still exists. That’s breaking an American tradition of respecting people fleeing oppression. The families are not reunified. We don’t know when they’ll be. We’re going to fight for that but the hope is that people are demanding a change and it cannot be ignored. And if it won’t happen in Washington, we will make it happen.”



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  1. It’s truly amazing to talk and listen to Jewish New Yorker’s as they all seem to be totally oblivious to what is happening politically in their own state. Bill de Blasio wants to allow people to be able to have on their person up to 100 mg of Marijuana and be permitted to smoke it without receiving any form of police summons. This total moron would also like to make NY a sanctuary state where illegal immigrants can come in like they are in California and you as tax-paying New Yorker’s would be paying for their medical insurance, housing, education and more. You equally have idiots the like of Cry Baby Chucky Schumer, Lying Kirsten Gillibrand, Mario Cuomo that all think that the U.S. should have open borders to let all the illegals in without vetting them. Cuomo, Schumer, de Blasio all forgot how their grandparents or their great grandparents most likely went through vetting and processing at Ellis Island and they just didn’t enter the U.S. without documents. Roosevelt and Truman weren’t all that welcoming to the Jews escaping Nazi Europe and the ones coming in now are seeing economic growth no thanks to a Democrap president but a Republican president who wants Americans to get the jobs first before bringing in foreign labor. The State of New York, California and few others have taxes so high it is prohibitive to live in these states. There is a need for “zero tolerance” otherwise illegal immigration will run rampant in the U.S. which is wrong. The Democraps not only want to return the taxes to where they had been prior to Trump lowering them but want to raise them further.
    Jews are the reason why Hillary became state senator in NY, why cuckoo Cuomo is governor, why de Blasio is again the mayor of NY for the second time as they are totally out of touch with reality. The Democraps are total RESISTOR OBSTRUCTIONISTS and it will only further hurt the US’s economy and lose them elections.

  2. He also got arrest for trying to get in through the back and crossed over on to Mexico and was arrested and release after 2 hours , not seeing that in any reports