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Who Needs Enemies When We Destroy Ourselves?



What is the difference between Muslim support organizations and Jewish ones? Easy…the Muslim ones are focused unhesitatingly on backing issues benefiting their religion, way of life and their goal of creating a worldwide Islamic order, or Caliphate. Jewish groups are not necessarily concerned with Jewish causes which seem to be secondary to acting as civil rights groups for all. The best way to describe them is as Jewish funded ACLUs. We would not want them in our foxhole.

Would such Muslim groups as the Council on Arab American Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Muslim Students Organization (MSO) or the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) ever speak out in favor of Israeli self defense retaliation against Hamas’ murderous attacks against the Jewish State? Would any of these organizations ever support the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city? Would any of them ever denounce the hateful rhetoric of their religious leaders calling for the destruction of Israel? How about their putting thumbs down on the Nation of Islam’s leader, Louis Farrakhan’s demonic denunciation of Judaism? Have they called to task Iran’s threats to turn Israel and its citizens, both Jewish and Muslim, into nuclear dust? Never in a million years! They are staunch Islamists who never give an inch in standing strong with Islamists. They have loyalty to their cause.

So now let’s focus on Jewish groups funded with Jewish money. The American Jewish Committee (AJC) has recently joined with The Islamic Society of North America to form a Muslim-Jewish Advisory Council. Stanley Bergman, the Jewish Co-Chair of the new group describes its purpose: “Our two communities share much in common and should find ways, where possible, to work together for the benefit of the entire country.”

Is he and the rest of the leadership of the AJC delusional? Just what do American Jews have in common with Muslims or ISNA, a Muslim Brotherhood offshoot that was an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial for aiding Hamas? This group has a history of associations with the likes of Sami Al-Arian, who was convicted of funding terror within Israel and Linda Sarsour, the explosive, vehemently outspoken anti-Israel Muslim who leads American women by their noses in marches for of all things, “women’s freedoms.” She was the keynote speaker at a major ISNA function last year where she called for “jihad” against President Trump. Many of the Muslim “heavy hitters” on this new council are associated with terror supporting groups. And they will be concerned about Jewish issues??

We Jews must be ever watchful and cautious about what groups we should support. Sadly, many of our Shomrim (defender) organizations have lost sight of the ever increasing threats to our safety. And Muslim groups, especially ones who have supported terror against Israel should be avoided like the plagues they represent.




  1. G Marcus

    06/21/2018 at 6:56 am

    Alan, as usual on the mark!

    In my view these liberals suffer from a severe case of what we can call a “collective post-oppression syndrome” (CPOS), and almost always see reality through a lens that blames their own side and justifies the opposing side.

    This might be due to a unique behavioral DNA dysfunction that evolved as a survival mechanism over nearly 20 centuries of Jewish Diaspora, where, as a powerless and oppressed minority, Jews needed to behave under “absolute ethics” vis a vis their oppressors, and were so helpless that had no recourse other than blaming themselves for their own persecution.

    But such an approach is hardly suitable for a sovereign state that needs to confront and defend itself against largely unethical enemies that are driven by supremacist ideologies.

    Therefore, in order to survive when defending itself against unethical enemies, it is impossible for Israel to follow “absolute ethics”.

    Since the majority of Jews are liberals by nature that suffer from the above CPOS disorder, they appear to be genetically handicapped from internalizing this reality, and are therefore freaking out!

    • Elliot Friedman

      06/22/2018 at 11:57 am

      CPOS explains a great deal. Thank you for your incisive comments.
      What a collision of opposites when our CPOS goes up against a culture that religiously has believed in domination since it’s inception. What acronym can we come up with to define this bellicose people?

  2. Elliot Friedman

    06/22/2018 at 11:46 am

    Your comments are quite accurate. Whether it’s because of our downtrodden history living in Christian or Muslim lands or our genuine interest in peaceably coexisting, our liberal leaders don’t seem to be able to focus on our interests. Dispite the clear animus and danger coming from the likes of CAIR, these delusional leaders think that appeasement can work.
    They put us all at risk with their foolish gambits and flowery universalistic thinking. CAIR will be all to glad to exploit this weakness.
    When Greenblatt of the Anti-defamation League expressed his dissatisfaction with Pompeo’s nomination (despite his strong support for Israel) because of things he about MUslims, I pointed out that the Jewish people should never expect reciprocation from CAIR.
    Leaders who lul us into a sense of complacency while they steer us into danger may be worse than an enemy.

  3. bill morgenstein

    06/22/2018 at 1:20 pm

    Jewish groups that support Islamist and anti-Jewish causes do so out of a combination of cowardice, naivete and a false sense of humanity. This shameful part of our history goes back to biblical times and the thread has wound itself right up to the present. Can you just imagine what the leaders of these organization say about this phenomenon when they are out of the earshot of the people that they hate?

  4. Barry

    06/22/2018 at 1:34 pm

    Liberals Jews are just as dangerous to Jews and Israel as Islamic extremism. The only difference is they are weak and cowardly ! That’s Right! I said it !

  5. Lisa

    06/26/2018 at 6:12 am

    Pretty heavy stuff! Good for Bibi.

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