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Thinks Cuomo’s Gesture is “Pay to Play”

Dear Editor:

Regarding Governor Andrew Cuomo’s recent grants to Magen Dovid Yeshiva in Brooklyn, I can say that while this action is applaudable this gesture represents yet another example of “pay to play”. And it is why leftwing progressives continue to wield power and stay in office no matter what anti moral religious practices they promote.


Alan Fenster

Kew Garden Hills


Decline in Traffic Speed??

Dear Editor:

There is a connection between reduction in traffic speed and its relationship to the corresponding loss in street capacity which a report released by the New York City Department of Transportation Commissioner Polly Trottenberg this past Friday choose to ignore. In NYC over the past seventeen years under Mayors Bloomberg and Bill de Blasio , hundreds of miles of traffic lanes have been eliminated. This was due to the dramatic increase in the introduction of bike lanes and street calming projects.

Forcing buses to share less street space with cars, taxis, UPS, Fed Ex and with other delivery and commercial along with municipal vehicles has contributed to a decline in traffic speed for everyone in all five boroughs. It also resulted in increased conflicts with pedestrians. This is just like cholesterol build up resulting in hardening of the arteries. All of this contributes to increased gridlock, pollution and adverse impacts to local business who count on timely pick up and deliveries.


Larry Penner

(Larry Penner is a transportation historian and advocate who previously worked 31 years for the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Transit Administration Region 2 NY Office.)


Remembering ‘Matisyahu’ with Fondness

Dear Editor:

Matisyahu, what a fun blast from the past! I wanted to thank your paper for reminding some of us who may have forgotten about the iconic Jewish singer and songwriter. In your June 8 issue, “Beardless and Bareheaded, Matisyahu Continues to Draw Inspiration From Jewish Sources,” made me miss my subway stop. I couldn’t have cared less. I was so enthralled as I read each new detail and reminisced through each old memory. I’m pretty sure people looked at me oddly on the train when I started singing some of his songs to myself. Now that I know he’s still performing and kicking it hard, I think it may be time to trek out to one of his concerts. Who else is with me?!


Paulina Goff


The Power of Art & History

Dear Editor:

I very much appreciate how the May 25 issue of your publication featured two pages, side by side, that had to do with the importance of art and history.

The book review in the article “When Comic Books Took on the Holocaust” is a great reminder of how powerful political cartoon satire was back at a time when the Nazis were systematically exterminating Jews and other so-called undesirables. We should not forget the importance and power of a free press and political cartoons.

The article “‘Documenting History Through Art; — West Point’s Jefferson Library Hosts the Art of David Labkovski,” shows how important it is to hold onto and appreciate art. It’s a great reflection of cultures in the past and a look back to what artists at the time saw and wanted everyone else to see. The identities we carry are important, but artwork needs to be preserved and prominently displayed in order to carry on our history and heritage.


Saul Ianarelli


Trump Plays By His Own Rules

Dear Editor:

Your May 18 article, “Trump, Michael Cohen Were Told of Abuse Charges vs Schneiderman in 2013,” is a reminder that the president plays by different rules and lacks any sort of compassion.

While Donald Trump or his fixer, Michael Cohen, may not have been able to come right out and say what they knew about the disgraced former New York State attorney general, they never seemed to do anything to combat the issue. After the news came out about Schneiderman’s patterns of abuse, the president gloated rather than showing even the slightest concern for Schneiderman’s victims or victims of abuse at large. I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised about a man who stands credibly accused of sexual harassment and sexual assault in some cases by 16 women and admitted to repeteadly grabbing women below the belt because “when you’re a star, they let you do it.” We deserve better. Victims of abuse most certainly do.


Henry Robert Capalini


Calling All Cycling Fans

Dear Editor:

Your May 18 article “Tel Aviv Presents: The First Olympic Velodrome in the Middle East,” left my head spinning, with excitement. Using special bikes to race around a track with big embankments like in NASCAR sounds so much fun. For years, some of my friends have ranted and raved about the fun of riding fixed-gear bicycles, which require leg power to start AND stop, which is why traditional brakes aren’t necessary. For those of us not crazy enough to ride on the streets with those bikes, there is the Kissena Velodrome in Queens.

Now that the velodrome desert in the Middle East is no more, maybe this is the chance we need to get more Jews flying around on bikes, seeing who can be the fastest and best tactician. Who knows? Maybe even a cycling world championship or Olympic gold could be in store one day for a future American or Israeli Jew. Get on your bikes and ride ‘em!


Jan Cavendish


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