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The Israel/US Relationship – Then and Now



In the sport of prize fighting, the boxer, after each brutal round, goes back to his corner where his supporters are prepared to tend to his wounds and to give him words of advice and encouragement. These “handlers” don’t get into the ring and fight, but they are his confederates and accomplices and their support is crucial to his victories. So it is with Israel as the guy in the ring and the United States as its corner associate and helper.

But this was not the case during the dark (for Israel) Obama years. An overt, clear anti-Israel foreign policy was formulated in the White House and carried out by both John Kerry and Hillary Clinton as our Secretaries of State. They pummeled Israel from all corners. They attacked the settlements, the border fence, Israel’s right to defend itself and demeaned Israel for its hardline stance against Iran. During those trying eight years, Israel could only go back to its empty corner after each encounter and try to shore up its strength to ward off these backstabbing attacks until the next round to be fought against Iran, Syria, the Palestinian Authority or Hamas. There seemed to be no let up and Israelis found no one outside of the ring for support. They were alone.

If you recall, in 2015, during Obama’s attempt to get backing from Congress for his Iran Deal, Netanyahu was invited by Speaker of the House, John Boehner, to address a joint session of congress to give his plea against it. Over 50 Democrats boycotted the talk along with such key players as President Obama, Vice President Biden and Secretary of State, Kerry. A glum day for all supporters of Israel. And dark clouds continued to hover over all the supporters of Israel, both Jews and Christians alike, as the 2016 elections cast the shadow of a President Hillary Clinton at the helm continuing the Obama policy against Israel. Election pundits called it a “sure thing.”

But look where we are today. President Trump is not only in Israel’s corner, he’s delivering a couple of head shots to Iran, ISIS and the Palestinian Authority (PA) himself, with a promise to retract or totally revamp the Iran Deal. He’s called for the withdrawal of funding for the PA. He has shown support for Israel’s use of defensive brutal force on its Gaza borders and his appointment of David Friedman as our Ambassador to the Jewish State sends Israel the signal that its cornermen from the United States are not only there to support the Jewish State but to sometimes slip into the ring themselves to get a few punches in, as well. It should be our duty as loyal Americans to totally support this G-d given president who is openly, overtly and without doubt a true friend of Israel and the of forces of democracy around the world. We wish him well.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. R.D.

    07/12/2018 at 1:47 am

    Beautiful!! Fun & True – Hope our President Trump happens to see this…..

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