Trump Defends Immigration Policies While Media Continues the Hysteria

The president continued to defend the enforcement of existing policies where people crossing the boarders illegally  are detained and the accompanying children are separated and placed in detainment centers,  until the adults are granted asylum or deported; meanwhile the media over the last several days has played on emotion and covered the separated children non-stop in an effort to paint the president as a heartless monster.


Trump blamed Democrats for not agreeing to any immigration reform policies after numerous bills have been proposed

Meanwhile a study released by News Busters concluded  that the media has been pounding away at this topic incessantly.  Overall, in just six days of coverage (June 13 through June 18) the nets have flooded their broadcasts with almost three hours (176 minutes) of emotional segments that included pictures of crying children and accompanying anger from correspondents and pundits alike. Essentially the media has shifted away from Stormy Daniels and “Russia Gate” to “the children”.

And while the policy has been criticized by both Democrats and Republicans (including President Donald Trump himself), the networks have either completely dismissed or mostly ignored the similar policies in place during the Barack Obama years. In fact, the New York Times actually criticized Obama in a July 18, 2016 editorial, “Mr. Obama’s Dubious Detention Centers”, News Busters pointed out.

In total the networks devoted just 6 minutes and 29 seconds (barely 3 percent of the coverage) to discussion of Obama’s detaining of children, 1 minute and 37 seconds of which was spent denying the Obama or other past administrations had engaged in policies matching those of the current administration.

It is as clear as water, that the issue of granting asylum to illegal immigrants and the short term detainment of children has only become an issue for main stream media since Donald Trump has become president.  When Obama was president this issue only warranted a small op-ed in the NY Times, with Trump at the helm, 176 minutes of television time has been dedicated, most of it using techniques designed to draw emotion, with children crying and asking for “mommy”.

It is important to be  consistent, if you are against something  such as detaining families who have crossed over into a sovereign nation without permission  and you are an activist for migrants, that is wonderful, you have a position. What is perplexing is how the majority of progressives and liberals in the media are only activists for issues  such as migrants when a politician they personally dislike is in office. With Trump in office, everyone is an activist, like magic.


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