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North Korean Minister Blasts Bibi as “Stinking Zionist” in Twitter Explosion



North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong-Ho unleashed a blistering Twitter attack at Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu Monday, calling Netanyahu a “criminal/liar” and accusing the premier of giving water to Iran while ignoring the plight of Palestinians in Gaza.

한국 친구들! 이스라엘은 한국이 파괴 된 것을보고 싶어합니다. 시온 주의자 유태인들은 세계 평화의 암입니다.

Stinking #Zionist @netanyahu offer water to @Iran ; he’s criminal/liar so wouldn’t deliver. Meanwhile he can’t be bothered giving water to #Gaza; he kills them instead

— Ri Yong-Ho, FM (@RiYongHo) June 11, 2018

Ri’s broadside followed on Netanyahu’s publication of an open video message to the people of Iran announcing the establishment of a Farsi-language website that will provide detailed plans to teach Iranians how to recycle their waste water.

“We will show how Iranian farmers can save their crops and feed their families,” Netanyahu said.

Aside from Netanyahu’s appeal to the Iranian people, the premier also used the upcoming summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un’s and US President Trump in Singapore as an opportunity to drum up international support for Israel’s position that the Iran nuclear deal should be fixed or dismantled.

“I think the entire world, as we do, prays for the success of this effort. Now, imagine, imagine: Imagine that President Trump would come back with some deal, and Britain, France and Germany would applaud it and South Korea and Japan would say that it endangers their existence. You’d think you’d listen to this, right?

“So, the same thing happened with the Iran deal. This deal was applauded by many in the international community who are not in the missile range of Iran, but Israel and Saudi Arabia and others said this deal will ultimately give Iran a nuclear arsenal, and they will use it first against us, and then with the long-range missiles that they’re building and that the deal doesn’t prevent them from building, against everyone else,” Netanyahu told the American Jewish Committee’s Global Forum conference in Jerusalem.

As with the water tech video, North Korea was quick to respond, accusing the “stinking Zionist warmonger Netanyahu” of trying to doom the summit to failure.

한국 친구들! 이스라엘은 한국이 파괴 된 것을보고 싶어합니다.

We prepare #TrumpKimSummit tomorrow but can’t fail to note stinking #Zionist #warmonger @netanyahu in #Europe seeking to isolate #Iran . #Israel also working overtime to make #SingaporeSummit fail; he hate #DPRK

— Ri Yong-Ho, FM (@RiYongHo) June 11, 2018

Like the rest of the world, Israeli officials are watching developments between Kim and Trump, but defense analysts caution that a deal with Pyongyang would not necessarily translate into significant change on the international stage vis-à-vis Iran’s nuclear program.

“There are more differences between North Korea and Iran than there are similarities, but both countries are determined nuclear proliferators,” Dr. Emily B. Landau, head of the Arms Control Program at the Institute for National Security Studies at Tel Aviv University, told TPS in March.

Landau said the international community should recognize that 25 years of diplomacy as the “strategy of choice” vis-à-vis North Korea did not prevent Pyongyang from achieving nuclear capability, and there is no reason to expect the same model would work with respect to Iran.

“The international community must understand the limits of diplomacy if there is any hope to derail Iran’s nuclear program,” Landau said.

By: TPS Staff


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