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Israel to Help Iran With Water Crisis?



One has the right to wonder just when the world community will start to view Israel as the human rights super-nation it is for its unrelenting humanitarian gestures to even those who are currently at war with it or vowing to destroy it with a nuclear blast. The Jewish State’s know how and contributions to humanity are legend. And now Prime Minister Netanyahu gets on his official YouTube channel to announce late last week that Israel is willing to help, of all nations, Iran, with its severe water crisis. Is the world listening?

He spoke directly to the people of Iran whose leaders were probably eavesdropping, informing them that Israel has created a special website in Farsi dedicated to projects related to water resources management, water conservation and other issues such as irrigation for the Iranians to learn from it. This was a purely humanitarian gesture by Bibi to the common citizens of this terrorist supporting nation whose water situation borders on the horrific. The situation has been described by its own officials as “unprecedented” and leading to widespread discontent.

Key rivers have dried up. Millions of Iranians have moved from the countryside to cities leading to a massive housing crisis and a depletion of its farming and agriculture industries. Food prices have skyrocketed leading to empty store shelves and projected famine if the situation continues. Long before nationwide demonstrations began in late December of 2017, protests routinely punctuated the affected areas. If the water shortage persists, warned Isa Kalantari, the head of Iran’s Department of the Environment, 50 million Iranians will need to relocate to survive.

Another avowed enemy of Israel, the Hamas/Gazans are also facing a humanitarian water crisis of their own making. And Israel has offered to help there as well. Almost all the water in the Gaza Strip is not potable because of sewage pollution. In fact 90 percent of the water in the Strip exceeds the salinization limit set by the WHO. The incredible problem that Israel faces in helping is that the citizens of Gaza are themselves preventing humanitarian assistance from Israel because of its unrelenting battle against the Jewish State.

To sum up: Israel, in spite of the actual wars being fought against them by Iran and Hamas, is more than willing to provide them with life sustaining clean water for drinking, sanitation and agriculture but are prevented from doing so by ..guess who? But does the rest of the world step in to reason with these militants to seek peace with and gain modernity for their own people from Israel? Not a chance!



  1. Lisa

    06/26/2018 at 6:06 am

    Why not???!

  2. sidney sands

    06/26/2018 at 10:47 am

    It shows the depths that the Iranian and Hamas leaders will go down to, their hate overrides any human concerns for the people they control, its the people who will have to change the leadership,

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