“Achdus” Sefer Torah Dedicated in Memory of the Azan Family


The horrific house fire in Brooklyn that claimed the lives of a mother and three children on Chanukah was a tragic and painful loss for the Azan family that also brought all of Klall Yisrael into a state of mourning.

The tragedy broke the hearts of Yidden worldwide but Rav Aharon Walkin, the Rosh Yeshiva of Chazaq’s Bais Medrash Nosson Meir in Queens, was pained to the point he had difficulty delivering his shiurim. He approached balei batim who are part of his morning shiurim and expressed a desire to dedicate a Sefer Torah in memory of the kedoshim. Indeed, Reb Moshe Sdaeb, a dedicated talmid, got over 50 community members to make contributions and in a joint effort purchased a Sefer Torah with a beautiful silver crown. The Sefer Torah was mostly sponsored by members of the Bukharian-Sefardic community in Queens but they agreed to dedicate it to the Ashkenazi community in Lakewood New Jersey as a special show of Achdus amongst all segments of klal yisroel.

Chazaq organized ksivas Osiyos in Queens on the day before Lag Baomer which was attended by numerous prominent community Rabbonim and community members. Reb Yosef Azan, the father and husband of the victims, attended the event and wrote a letter in the Sefer Torah as well. At the end of the event he expressed his gratitude for the dedication of the Sefer Torah and encouraged members of Chazaq to work even harder in inspiring Jewish public school students so that the Ribono shel Olam send us the ultimate Geula and we can be zoche to techiyas hameisim.

Then on Lag Baomer, the Sefer Torah was brought to the home of Rav Ahron Walkin in Lakewood for the conclusion of the Osios which was graced by the presence of Rav Malkiel Kotler and Rav Yeruchim Olshin, Roshei Yeshiva Beis Medrash Gavohah. The Sefer Torah was then taken to the streets where hundreds of men and women danced throughout the night. A Bon fire was subsequently lit with uplifting zmiros followed by a Seudas mitzvah. Words can. It describe the kedusha and Achdus that was felt by all who were zoyche to attend. May hakadosh baruch hu grant us the geula shleimah bimhera beyameinu Amein!

Edited by: JV Staff



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