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Nikki Haley Blasts Hamas at UN; Says its Goal is to Destroy Israel



U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley delivered remarks on Wednesday afternoon at an emergency UN Security Council meeting on attacks against Israel.


The United States requested the briefing after Hamas and other terrorists launched rocket attacks against Israel out of Gaza, the worst such attacks since 2014.


“As I have asked my colleagues before, I will ask you again today. Who among us would accept 70 rockets launched into your country? We all know the answer to that. No one would,” said Ambassador Haley.


“It is outrageous for the Security Council to fail to condemn Hamas rocket attacks against Israeli civilians, while the Human Rights Council approves sending a team to investigate Israeli actions taken in self-defense. I urge the members of the Security Council to exercise at least as much scrutiny of the actions of the Hamas terrorist group as it does to Israel’s legitimate right of self-defense,” she continued.


“To allow Hamas to continue to get away with its terrorist acts, and to somehow expect Israel to sit on its hands when it is attacked, is the height of hypocrisy. To continue to condemn Israel without even acknowledging what is actually coming from the leaders of Gaza makes me question who actually cares about the welfare of the Palestinian people,” Haley pointed out.


“The Palestinian people deserve a better life. That can only happen if we acknowledge and reject the terrorist actions of Hamas and if we encourage more responsible Palestinian leadership. All responsible parties should be encouraging both sides to come to the negotiating table for the well-being of the Israelis and the Palestinians,” she added.


Kuwait, a non-permanent council member that represents Arab countries, blocked a US-drafted statement, arguing that it had presented its own draft resolution that addressed the crisis. Kuwait is pushing for a vote at the council this week on its draft resolution calling for “the consideration of measures” for the protection of Palestinian civilians, according to the text obtained by AFP.


On Tuesday, the Gaza-based Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist groups launched more than 70 rockets and mortar shells at Israel, prompting dozens of retaliatory airstrikes. Four Israelis were hurt, including a soldier who suffered moderate injuries, and projectiles caused damage to a kindergarten yard an hour before school was to arrive, and to a home as a family slept in a fortified room inside. (INN)




  1. Alick Mazin

    05/31/2018 at 11:56 am

    Israel must protect her own people and if Hamas or Hizbullah attack her, she MUST retaliate with force.


    05/31/2018 at 6:33 pm

    Finally, a consistent appropriate response to the UN by Haley. The reaction to her response is synonymous with everything the UN is supposed to represent. Any country siding against Israel and the United States in this issue should be excluded from any support from the us.

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