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Grads Can Expect to be Strangled by Student Loans



College Graduation day, also referred to as Commencement Day once meant the beginning of a young person’s life in the world to gain employment, perhaps marry and start a family. A joyous day, one of accomplishment and the beginnings of a bright future. That’s in the past. Now, for many millions of Americans it is a wake-up day of sad reckoning. More likely one spent in deep discussions with parents and the family accountant about how to plan to pay back what may amount to upwards of $200,000 of cold cash borrowed for a professional degree, plus the daily accruing interest for merely sitting within the Halls of Ivy, hopefully learning enough to start repaying the debt. At one time typical graduates could have started their economic lives at zero and now they’re starting at a negative balance.

Presently, the total student loan debt is $1.34 trillion. But Is that really a good deal for the many people who are going to college because they believe the great American myth that college is for everyone and happiness and wealth depend on getting a college degree? Just think about it: should marginally motivated students with mediocre achievement skills go into massive debt while at the same time leaving the work force for 4-6+ years for that piece of paper? A motivated high school graduate could very well begin learning a useful trade at the age of 18 and in the six years that it would take to earn a graduate degree, could easily rake in many hundreds of thousands of dollars at a trade that is necessary to the rest of the community. How often have we joked that the cost of having a plumber install a toilet is way above the cost of a visit to the doctor…and sometimes more beneficial to us.

But college offers many benefits that can’t be measured by financial costs. However, unless the student has high academic ability, self-control, motivation and the desire to succeed, the time spent in college can be a disappointing choice. It’s our conclusion and that of many academics that most high school students would benefit from careers in the service trades rather than struggling with calculus and being indoctrinated in the gay life style now being proffered in many institutions. Sadly, the myth of “college for everyone” will frustrate the many who continue their educations only to be left frustrated and in major debt.

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