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The World is Watching!! Be There for Israel on June 3rd!



What are you planning to do this Sunday, June 3rd? What better place to be than walking up 5th Avenue with tens of thousands of other supporters, both Jewish and non-Jewish supporters of Israel? And why do you think they’ll have the street to themselves with dozens of floats, bands, celebrities and honored guests? Because that’s the great day when the city will show its total support for the 70th Birthday of Israel! Its theme this year is “70 and Sababa!” When Israelis say something is Sababa, they mean it’s awesome, fantastic, super! Seventy years, can you imagine? Those born before the Jewish State was formed remember well the frightening days of the War For Survival when the fate of the Jewish State was clearly in doubt.

So here we are now, glowing at the progress, health and well-being of Israel and its proud people. And we all can join in on this festive, blessed occasion that will take place this Sunday from 11AM to 4PM on Fifth Avenue with the parade starting at 57th and ending at 74th St. A little history of this event. It started in 1965, when thousands walked down Riverside Drive in support of the then young State of Israel. This impromptu walk evolved into the “Salute to Israel Parade”, then renamed, “Celebrate Israel,” always held on The Avenue.

We at The Jewish Voice urge you to join in the march, blending in with the crowd of joyous thousands who will strut together, many arm-in-arm, down The Avenue. But, and this is a big but……consider the thought of having your synagogue, social club, Jewish War Veterans Chapter, your Hadassah, ORT or condo association join in and become part of history. Imagine! Israel’s 70 years of life, giving and contributing to the health, welfare and security of the world and you can glorify that anniversary this coming Sunday. Contact your rabbi. Speak with him. Urge him to have your synagogue, with him at the head, partake in this magnificent, meaningful parade. Imagine the young family members of your shul guiding their baby carriages down the Avenue. Let your place of worship be represented, standing out for thousands to see as proud Jews delirious in the joy of the survival and growth of the Jewish State.

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