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Stormy’s Lawyer Speaks, Trump’s Approval Goes Up



Donald Trump’s approval ratings directly correlate with pornstar lawyer Michael Avenatti’s cable TV appearances, according to a recent poll from Real Clear Politics.

The more gossip and trashing ot the president, the higher his approval ratings.

Avenatti has been a media darling since announcing his lawsuit against the president.

Avanatti had a near-permanent seat in MSNBC and CNN green rooms over the past months, racking up hundreds of cable news media hits and glamming around D.C. cocktail parties.

Avenatti’s stardom has vanished over the past week, however, after disturbing revelations about his past prove he may not be the champion of bullied women and the free press he claimed, Daily Caller reported.

 A report by the LA Times reveals that a judge ordered a law firm managed by Michael Avenatti to pay $10 million in damages, and Avenatti is personally responsible for millions in payments and back taxes that remain unpaid. Reporting by the Daily Caller revealed that Avenatti lost a sexual discrimination case to a pregnant employee and has yet to pay the money he owes her, roughly $130,000
Meanwhile Tom Bevan of RCP looked at Avanatti’s TV appearances on the big Anti-Trump outlets CNN & MSNBC and found that during Avenatti’s TV blitz, of 174 appearancessince March, Trump’s approval ratings went from 39.8% to 43%.
Avenatti’s love affair with the media is about to end however. A new report by Daily Caller News Foundation learned that the lawyer  threatened and emotionally abused his wife after they separated, according to a statement his lawyer made under oath.Since this report was revealed , Anenatti’s wife now denies her own statements.

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