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Trump, The Media & MS-13



When President Donald Trump pushed for tougher immigration laws in a meeting with family members of MS-13 victims in Long Island the other day,   he called the gang members ‘animals’ once more, in defiance of the media and the progressive left.

When President Trump met with California sheriffs at an  immigration round-table, in response to a question about M3-13, he refereed to the members as “animals”, sparking an out right assault on the president by the media. Media pundits instantly took the “animals” remark out of context and began spreading the idea that the president called  all illegal immigrants animals. New York Times, USA Today, Washington Post, all took the remarks directly out of context and within hours, the president was once more being trashed as a hateful bigot of not only illegal immigrants but all people of color.   This spread beyond left-wing pundits as several Democrat lawmakers  followed suit.

This was perhaps one of the biggest cases of agenda driven media in the Trump era. The media blatantly ignored the context of Trump’s remarks on the M3-13 criminal gang.  This is all by design, to not only paint the president as a bigot, but to associate anyone who supports the president as a bigot. These are dangerous tactics,  this is far beyond anything we have ever seen. It would seem the media has a deep agenda of dividing the American people, and to spread discontent of our nation as a whole.

These are classic  radical   techniques, divide the public, sow discontent and reap the political reward. In order to stop this disease of bigotry, only they can save us. Only the enlightened left can save us from the regressive, neanderthals on the “right”.

Create the problem, pose as saviors to solve the non existent ailment, Munchausen syndrome by proxy.

This time their playbook may have  failed. Within hours, the entire dialogue of the conference was available for all to actually hear. One of the most in your face cases of out of context reporting in the history of journalism, in your face and exposed.

In the aftermath of the “animals” incident, a recent Reuters poll, found the Democratic lead in 2018 polls, essentially vanish, as the GOP is statistically tied  with the Democrats. The “animals” incident could turn out to be a big factor in another crushing defeat for the progressive left.

After 2 solid years of Trump bashing, the public is tired of it. The public is tired of the left’s constant defense of the indefensible, from defending Hamas radicals to defending a violent street gang, the left’s radical ideology is palpable to even the casual follower of current events. The sickness of the progressive left is easier to spot by the minute 


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