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NY Real Estate Heir Robert Durst Tries to Seal Ex-Cop’s Incriminating Letter



New court filings show that the homicidal real estate heir Robert Durst wants to hide an incriminating letter from a former cop, in which he blames Durst for the death of his wife Kathie.

A source close to the case told The Post, “I think this is the beginning of proving Durst killed Kathie.”

A Nassau County judge has been asked by Durst’s attorneys to seal former police officer Edward Wright’s handwritten letter to Kathie’s sisters’ lawyer Robert Abrams dated February 12.

Over Kathie’s 1982 disappearance, her three sisters Carol Bamonte, Mary Hughes and Virginia McKeon have a $100 million wrongful death case pending against the disgraced Durst.

According to The Post, “They named Wright as a defendant in the civil case claiming Durst’s late father, real estate mogul Seymour Durst, paid Wright to perform a ‘shadow investigation’ that kept his family abreast of the NYPD probe into Kathie’s disappearance. Wright, who is in his 80s, tried to answer the allegations on his own without a lawyer earlier this year.”

In the Nassau County court filing, Abrams says that his statements in the new letter “inculpate Durst in the disappearance and murder of Kathleen McCormack Durst.”

On Tuesday, May 8, after recently finding out about the communication, Durst’s attorney’s hurried to court to get the evidence sealed. Their reasons for sealing the letter is that the contents of it should be protected under attorney client privilege, since Wright was hired by Durst’s former defense counsel Nicholas Scoppetta.

On prior occasions Wright has said that the NYPD “knew or should have known” that Durst had lied about “his involvement in Kathie’s disappearance and murder” repeatedly.

The 75-year-old “black sheep” of the Durst Family, who have a real estate empire in New York City, starred in an HBO documentary about his life called “The Jinx.” Information that came out during the filming of the show contributed to him now being on trial for the murder of his friend Berman in 2000. In Los Angeles, Durst is on trial for the Killing of Berman. Prosecutors say that Durst killed Berman out of fear that she would implicate him in the death of his wife, Kathy. He remains the sole suspect in the case of her death.

The Post reports, “In 2001, the millionaire — who at the time was living as a cross-dressing woman named Dorothy Ciner in Galveston, Texas — was charged with murdering his elderly neighbor Morris Black. He had admitted to killing Black and chopping up his body, but a jury acquitted him of homicide charges after he argued the shooting was in self-defense.”

Durst denies being involved in the death of Berman or the death and disappearance of his wife Kathie.

Abrams argues, in the new court filings, that the attorney client privilege no longer exists between Wright and Durst’s late-defense lawyer. However, Joshua Siegel, Durst’s current defense attorney maintains that the letter must stay private.

In a communication with Abrams on May 3, he wrote, “The letter is privileged and otherwise inadmissible, and we hereby demand that you do not file, publish, disclose or otherwise seek to use the letter for any purposes whatsoever” If Abrams tries to make the letter public, Siegel threatened him with “civil damages, sanctions and attorney’s fees.”

On Tuesday, the letter was temporarily sealed by Nassau County Court Justice Roy Mahon, pending a full hearing on the issue, which will occur later this month.

By Mark Snyder

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. James (Jim) Mccormack

    05/16/2018 at 11:47 am

    FYI,,,,I am Kathie McCormack Durst’s brother Jim McCormack. The civil suit is NOT a ‘wrongful death’ action. Abrams filed a ‘Right of Sepulcher’ suit in 2015 and added ‘Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress (IIED)’ in subsequent filings. Just wanted to the keep the record straight & have reporting be accurate. Thank you.

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