Lawyer Gloria Allred Will be the 7th Woman Roasted by Century-Old Friars Club

Women’s rights attorney and the first female member of the Friars Club Gloria Allred will roasted by the private club on June 21. (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

On Saturday, June 21, the well-known women’s rights attorney Gloria Allred will be roasted by the Friars Club.

In 1987, Allred became the club’s first dues-paying female member after she sued them. Back in February, The Daily News first announced that the 76-year-old lawyer would be the guest of honor at a fun making event this upcoming summer.

The hosts who will be roasting Allred have not yet been announced by the private club, but the majority of the roasters are likely to be women. Whoopi Goldberg, Jerry Seinfeld and Billy Crystal are just a few of the Friars Club’s famous members.

In the 114-years that the club has existed, Allred will only be the seventh woman to be roasted. Phyllis Diller, Sophie Tucker and Lucille Ball are among the few women to be honored at this lampooning event. The Women’s Equal Rights Legal Defense and Education Fund will be benefited by the proceeds from the event’s ticket sales.

On April 27, was the last time Allred was reportedly seen at the clubhouse on East 55th Street. She was celebrating the sexual assault conviction earlier that day of Bill Cosby with two of the comedian’s accusers.

The Daily News reports, “The events leading up to the roast was a comedy of errors for the esteemed venue. Initially, the club was in talks to roast movie mogul Harvey Weinstein. That was called off after dozens of women came forward to charge him of sexual assault. In his place, they decided to roast Kiss rocker Gene Simmons. That too was nixed following claims of sexual misconduct against him.”

In a statement, Allred said, “I am thrilled to be roasted by the Friars Club and I’m honored to take part in their oldest tradition … the Roast. As the first woman to ever attend the previously all male Friars Club stag roast, I know these Roasts can get pretty rough, but I can take it, and anyone who knows me knows I can give it back! It’s all in good fun and for a good cause. I am especially excited that the event falls on the 30th anniversary of the New York Friars accepting women members.”

By Rebecca Gold


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