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On Jerusalem Day, Some 10% Of Israel’s Population Lives In Capital



On Jerusalem Day, commemorating the 51st anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem on June 1967, 882,700 people, some 10 percent of the population of the entire country, live in Israel’s capital and biggest city, according to figures released by the Central Bureau of Statistics.

The capital’s population grew by almost 2%, or some 16,900 people over the past year – 8,100 Jews and 8,800 Arabs.

More than half of the population (60.8 percent) or 550,100 are Jews, while 37.7percent (332,600) are Arabs, and 1.5 percent (13,460) were listed as “others,” non-Arab Christians, members of other religions and persons without a classified religion in the population registry.

According to the Central Bureau of Statistics the population of Jerusalem is mostly religious – 36.9 percent are ultra-Orthodox (compared to 10 % in the rest of the country); 20 percent are religious (compared to 11.7 % in the rest of the country); 10.7 percent are traditional-religious (compared to 12.5 % in the rest of the country); 10.9 percent are traditional not so much religious (compared to 21.3% in the rest of the country); and 21.5 percent are secular (compared to 44.5 % in the rest of the country).

The total fertility rate in Jerusalem is higher than the average of the country due to the Arab and ultra-Orthodox population. In Jerusalem, women have an average of 3.89 children per women, compared to 3.11 nationwide.

The total fertility rate of the Jewish population of Jerusalem is 4.32%, while the rate for the Arab population is 3.24%.

The percentage of participants in the workforce in Jerusalem in 2017 was lower than in the rest of the country – 53%, compared with a national average of 64%. Some 58.4% of the Jewish population is in employment, while only 42.7 % of the Arab population has a job.

2017 was a good year for tourism in Jerusalem: the number of foreign guests in hotels rose by 36% reaching 1.1 million, and the number of Israeli guests rose by 9% ( 600,000).

In general, the Jerusalemite are happy with their life: 96% of the Jews and 80 % of the Arabs declared to be satisfied to live in Jerusalem.

In particular, most of the population (57%) is satisfied with their economic situation, and 84% are satisfied with their job.

By: Mara Vigevani


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