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As Trump Plows Through



President Trump seems to be crashing, King Kong like, through the forest of catastrophic threats from the likes of Iran and North Korea with impunity. But he’s not on make-believe Skull Island He’s in the real world. We may savor the rising stature of our nation with him at the helm but there may be real danger ahead.

North Korea has dropped its belligerence toward us for the moment, so let’s focus on Iran. Iran, feeling the threat of Trump’s intention to either back out of Obama’s nuclear treaty or negotiate it to nothingness, has options to stall him. They are so angry at his destroying the deal of the century made with the former president that they are threatening to name the officials they bribed to get the deal through. A danger both to these people as individuals and to the stability of their countries as well. The head of the U.N.’s International Atomic Energy Agency, for instance, quit his post just after that announcement. He was at his post for 5 years and was an integral part of vouching for Iran’s compliance with the deal. That’s just round one.

And let’s take a look at John Kerry, our chief negotiator for the deal. His daughter married an Iranian who still has family in that country. The best man at the wedding is the son of Mohammad Javad Zarif, the Iranian Foreign Minister who while acting as the chief negotiator for Iran, sat across the table from Kerry during the brokering of the deal. These guys were like family and had previously met at George Soros’ home, at the wedding and all its preparatory functions. So, just why is John Kerry now frantically scurrying around Europe trying to build up resistance to Trump’s plan to destroy the deal? Iran might have much on Mr. Kerry which if brought out into the open might destroy his legacy and this nation’s credibility.

And consider, as well, Valerie Jarrett, who as Obama’s Rasputin-like senior presidential advisor, called all the shots for him. She was born in Iran and had secretly been conducting secret talks with Iran, a year before the Geneva agreement had been made. Ms. Jarrett had previously been a business partner of both Tony Rezko, who is serving a 10-year jail term for extortion and attorney Daniel Mahru who was disbarred for business fraud. Crooked birds of a feather flock together. Her record is not a clean one. She could be one of the “takers.”

Outing Ms. Jarrett and/or with former secretary of State John Kerry as bribe takers might cause a political earthquake in this country. That would jar our reputation and basically tarnish the presidency of Barack Obama to the point of splitting this nation’s voters in two. However, if they were at the receiving end of any sort of bribe from Iran, they must be considered traitors, their actions treasonous and punished as such to the full extent of the law.

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