Spring is Here -Takin’ a “Happy” Break

We see the front pages of our major print giants filled with accounts of Trump having to divert his attention and concern from his major responsibility which is protecting the lives and security of this nation’s citizens, both Democrats and Republicans and focus on an alleged affair with porn star Stormy Daniels that might or might not have occurred more than a decade ago.

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Our Gratitude to President Trump!

Ever since the Roman conquest of ancient Israel back in 72CE. until the establishment of the current Jewish state in 1948, we prayed for our return to Jerusalem and our sacred land. Now our prayers have been answered and yet...

Letters to the Editor

Fireworks Coming at UN Dear Editor: The family of nations meet at the UN this month in NYC. What a great time for World harmony! Let’s negotiate and compromise away our disagreements! Right? No, wrong! Instead, let’s resolve our disagreements...

The Insidious Nature of Fake News

FAKE NEWS! is the term introduced into the lexicon of the English language by Donald Trump with as much of a splash as any Shakespearean quote. It’s basically a rebirth of the description of the type of yellow journalism utilized...