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No Calm Before the “Stormy”



The sympathetic vibration-like hammerings of the Stormy Daniels scenario by the Progressives in Congress and their proxies in the media have obscured the dire threats to the security of this nation that have, for the time being, been improved and removed by the diplomacy of, you guessed it, President Trump. We see the front pages of our major print giants filled with accounts of Trump having to divert his attention and concern from his major responsibility which is protecting the lives and security of this nation’s citizens, both Democrats and Republicans and focus on an alleged affair that might have occurred more than a decade ago. The Chicago Tribune of Saturday lead headline: “Trump Disputes Giuliani Account.” The New York Times of the same date: “Trump Said to Have Known About Hush-Money Before Denial.” We’ve tuned in to MSNBC, CNN, PBS and other “news” sources and have to report that they seem to be reading from the same script. All about this sordid affair and nothing about his successes. Which is more important to your safety and security?

Just a few weeks ago when Ms. Daniels was (thankfully) an unknown, the news pundits were warning that an incompetent President Trump was leading us to a nuclear confrontation with North Korea. They were concerned that his referring to Kim Jong-un as, “Rocket Man” would surely result in WWIII with millions incinerated in the process. But now we are being told that NOKO’s leader will meet with Trump in an as yet to be declared place to talk about the dismantling of their nuclear program and rid the Peninsula of nuclear weapons.If fulfilled, a major victory for our nation with the credit going to this media proclaimed idiot, President Trump. But now he has to contend with Stormy Daniels.

And Trump’s other international major tzura (problem) is Iran who was catapulted to a world threat by President Obama and his nuclear treaty that guaranteed that nation a free run to develop nuclear missiles and to eventually dominate and threaten the rest of the world with destruction. But Trump appears ready to have the U.S. pull out of the deal. He faces a May 12th deadline on whether to renew the agreement and if he does so, Europe faces the opportunity of following suit or standing with Iran and challenging Trump to earn his diplomatic and economic wrath. But now he has to contend with Stormy Daniels.

How can he manage to swim against the tide of negativism engineered by his political opponents and the media who will surely keep the “Daniels Affair” in the headlines and in the minds of this nation’s citizens? We hope and pray that he can juggle all these items with the skill of a vaudevillian performer to succeed in the business of running and saving this nation. But now he has to contend with Stormy Daniels.

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