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Political Intelligence Levels??

Dear Editor:

I’ve always doubted the levels of intelligence of those who align themselves with the Democrat Party. So, in response to one of their seemingly endless campaign mails, I responded as “Heinrich Himmler.” Now top Dem, Steny Hoyer, proudly has that notorious Nazi, Heinrich on his mail roster as, “One of the most active grassroots Democrats in 33431.” Perhaps there are some Adolph Hitlers, Joseph Goebells or Josef Stalins who would like to join the list of other prominent Democrats. Do it!


Alan Bulwarky

Is it the End for the Boy Scouts?

Dear Editor:

So, the Boy Scouts are now dead; drowned in the flood waters of the sexual political correctness of the Progressive, Political Left. They, the BSA, are admitting girls to their programs. This effectively kills the boy in Boy Scout. They have been swallowed up in the radical lunacy wave that considers it verbal sexual abuse to be referred to in such terms as boy, girl, man, woman, guy and gal and the traditional husband and wife. The Democrat Left’s agenda has fairly quickly been eroding the base of The Traditional Family since the inauguration of President Obama.

We have seen with our own eyes the grinding away at our Judeo/Christian values through legislation encouraging same sex marriage, proms, bathrooms and even government financed medical sexual conversions for incarcerated prisoners. Oh yeah! Women in combat operations. How many lives will be sacrificed for that PC stupidity?

If things continue this way, and they surely will with a blue tsunami congressional win this November, start learning these terms of sexual identification…..if you wish to prevent being dragged into court on charges of sexual misrepresentation: Misgender, Queer, Transgender, Transsexual, Two-Spirit, Agender, Bigender, Gender Fluid, and Gender non-Conforming. These are the terms that will gain in usage as the traditional family fades, leading to the destruction of our Judeo/Christian heritage. Sad. Vote for The Family this November.


Kent Kyle

Creeping Sharia Law in the US?

Dear Editor:

Sharia law is destined to be the law of the land if the Democrats take over our congress later on this year. The Progressive-Democrats in control of Maine voted to allow Female Genital Mutilation among its citizens. Talk about brutality towards women by basically bowing down to those Muslims who follow the Koran to the letter of the law. Beating of wives is also in their religious rule book. That will be soon considered…of course, if the wife agrees to it. Children can be killed if they hang out with or date Infidels.

Liberal judges will eventually consider the religious faith’s rules when judging Muslims and rule according to a combination or our Constitution and the Koran. Freedom of the practice of religion, they’ll call it. In due time, the Koran will win out as it is doing in Europe and as we see, in our own country. It may sound bizarre but a vote for a Democrat clears the way for the eventuality of Islamic supremacy right here in the USA. Don’t laugh or shrug your shoulders…..they mean business!!


Allison Kampanio

Has Shepard Smith Gone Snarky?

Dear Editor:

‘His Royal Liberalness’ has begun to overtake his hewing to the more Conservative matrix of FOX News, with his Southern charm, now spiced with a tinge of Good ‘ol Boy snarkiness. To be forthright, that matrix has been leaning to the Left month by month for the past year or so, despite its ‘Fair & Balanced’ mantra. There is now, a palpable whiff of Trump-Hate mixed into the atmosphere that hovers around the FOX network.

The direction of news networks is invariably set by the owners and invariably taken quite seriously by those folks who manage the network and of course, taken super-seriously by those who present the news. FOX is owned by Gazillionaire Rupert Murdock. Approaching borderline antiquity, he has turned over most of his day-to-day operational chores to his Sons, with the slightly-veiled influence of a part-owner Shariah Prince. Gee. Ain’t that swell?

Back to Shepard Smith, who seems to be riding high having just clinched a big-ticket deal with FOX, and enjoying his off-hours with his male partner, Gio. And I guess, that’s okay.

With a heavy sigh, I still turn to FOX News–- until I fall asleep.


Ralph Moskowitz

Mad as Heck at Facebook

Dear Editor:

Would someone . . . anyone . . . please inform FACEBOOK that I don’t give a damn what one of my acquaintances said about another one of my acquaintances?

Further, I am not interested in viewing photos of people on vacation doing ‘interesting’ stuff – or, seeing their pets dressed up as Flamenco dancers.

And most particularly, I am not interested in seeing ‘candid’ photos of myself, caught off-guard and appearing precisely the way I look. I know how I look and don’t need to be reminded.

I’ve been ON and OFF FACEBOOK so many times that I’m considering the purchase of a revolving door. The folks who run that site are a bit careless about taking my requests to ‘unsubscribe’, seriously.

Whenever I’ve presumed that I’ve finally managed to ‘unsubscribe’, it seems that a few weeks later, I am miraculously back ON FACEBOOK without ever having taken any action to cause that to happen – and I’m once again, being merrily queried about whether I’d seen what one of my acquaintances has said about another one of my close acquaintances. Dang! I hate when that happens.


Max Klugbaum


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