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$85M NYC Apartment Listing is the Most Expensive & Unique



This apartment is both the most expensive and strangest listing in New York City as it includes a trip to space and a Rolls-Royces.

This 15,000-aqure-foot duplex located in the Atelier at 635 W. 42nd Street near 12th Avenue, has an asking price of $85 million or a whopping $5,666 per square foot, which is close to twice the record high for the Hell’s Kitchen area. But what really sets this listing apart from all others, well besides it’s stunning views of the Hudson River, are the extra bonuses that are included with the unit.

These extras include: two Rolls-Royce Phantoms, a hardtop and a convertible; a Lamborghini Aventador roadster, a 75-foot yacht worth $1 million, which comes with five years of docking fees on the Hudson; a summer stay in a Watermill mansion, which has rents equal to $350,000 per season; dinner for two at Daniel Boulud’s 65th Street flagship on; two courtside season tickets to the Brooklyn Nets, which are worth about $225,000; and the most out-of-this world bonus are two $250,000 seats on a Virgin Galactic space flight.

So, now your scratching your head wondering, what is the deal with all these extras? The Post did some investigating.

The man behind the listing is the penthouse owner, the Atelier building manager and the building’s condo board president Daniel Neiditch. Owner of the brokerage firm River 2 River Realty, the 39-year-old property investor Neiditch says the listing is about giving someone a chance to live their dream lavish life.

Former building resident and lifelong New Yorker, Neiditch told The Post, “Someone not from New York can [move here and] have a New Yorker’s lifestyle and point of view. In a way, I’m offering my lifestyle. I’m offering a way for a foreigner to jump right in.”

He added, “Going to outer space was always a dream of mine.”

All the other stuff Neiditch says are his, and he has enough to share.

He told The Post, “It’s not like I’m going to be out on the street. I have another Hamptons house. I have other cars. It’s not that I am selling stuff that I don’t want. It’s all stuff that I thought created a nice package.”

By Mark Snyder

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