Does a Black-Jewish Partnership Really Exist?

Michael Schwerner and Andrew Goodman sacrificed their lives in 1964 marching with the Rev. Martin Luther King Civil Rights campaign

It’s about time that we start calling out African American leaders and their constituents for their lack of reciprocity towards the Jewish community which has been in the forefront, fighting for their civil rights and equality for years. Most of us are tired of waiting and watching for some actions to indicate that blacks appreciate the sacrifices that we have made, actually leading the fight for their causes and never getting any meaningful support for our own. Isn’t it strange as well, that Jews with a little over 6 million in population have been non-stop in coming to the aid of blacks who number over 40 million? We have to come to our senses and finally realize we’ve been taken for granted and for fools.

Jack Greenberg was a founding member of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and argued the Brown vs. Board of education case in 1954. Jews supported the Urban League and the NAACP from their very beginnings. Louis Isaac Jaffe, Julius Rosenwald, Edith Stern, Rabbi Ira Sanders and Columbia Prof. Joel Spingarn were leaders who gave their guidance and financial support during the early dangerous years of the civil rights movement. Michael Schwerner and Andrew Goodman sacrificed their lives in 1964 marching with the Rev. Martin Luther King Civil Rights campaign. Where and when has there ever been any showing of black give-back in terms of support for the Jews imperiled in Soviet Russia, for Israel or for the Jewish college community today, who are at the mercy of such groups as the Students for Justice in Palestine and their brothers in hate, Black Lives Matter?

Where were the outraged black voices when videos and transcripts of Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s words of hate against Israel and Jews were outed? Throw other low life like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson into the barrel of those who used Jews for their own purpose and eventually turned against them. Were the photos kept under wraps for years by the Black Congressional Caucus and recently unveiled of a smiling Barack Obama standing next to Louis Farrakhan a bit troubling to the Jewish community who voted 70% + for Obama in both of his wins?

So where were our Jewish leaders during these years of black indifference to Jewish causes and needs? Where are they now? Why do they turn the other cheek and close their eyes to the obvious growing animosity of blacks toward our people? When will they speak out and tell our community and elected officials that it’s time to put all of our energies, financial and political clout to fight for our own very existence which is now threatened in our own country? To sit back and continue to play the game that it’s our responsibility to continue to aid those who not only show no appreciation but rather ratchet up the animosity and disdain for our community is sheer stupidity. Let’s finally dump this foolish suicidal “Tikkun Olam” attitude.


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  1. It is never wrong to do the right thing. When you help someone else, you are helping yourself.

    Jews are a collective people and not a specific race. Black is just a color, and not a specific people. The continent of Africa has 2,000 ethnic groups with 2,000 distinct languages. Black Americans still have a big nut to crack to overcome our history. So, while some of what you say is true, you omit a very large picture.


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