A Strong Message to Assad, Iran & Russia

Debris surround the Syrian Scientific Research Center which was attacked by U.S., British and French forces

Both Israel and the United States struck into Syria last week. Israel hit an Iranian airbase and we bombed what appeared to be chemical weapons storage and research facilities. Although pundits on the Left warned that both Russia and Iran would retaliate, no military responses have yet to be recorded. Threats from Iranian Mullahs and angry rhetoric from Russians, yes, but no military reaction. That’s because our own military avoided hitting Russian forces. It was a perfectly executed strike. And throw into the brilliance of the attacks that we were joined by Britain and France in the execution of the raids. And that unity, of allies working together, in itself, should give the bad guys in that area cause to rethink the use of poisonous gas again on either civilians or military personnel.

So where do we go from here in Syria, now but a hollow shell of what it once was as a nation? We did not actually intervene in the Syrian civil war. This was, for the time being, a “one time shot.” But Trump has indicated his desire to remove ground troops from Syria, possibly within 6 months. What would the scenario be if he follows through? Undoubtedly the indiscriminate slaughter of civilians from traditional weaponry would continue.

Our troops are now supporting friendly Kurdish forces who are a major factor in this mish-mash of rebels, loyalists and foreign intruders. Our departure would be a major triumph for Assad, Iran and Russia. Russia would enlarge and make permanent its current warm water Mediterranean naval base in Tartus to threaten southern Europe, the NATO infrastructure and even Israel. Iran and radical Islam would dominate Syria. The enclave now protected by the U.S. and its allies prevents Iran from having a contiguous land passage from Syria, through Iraq and into Iran. Militarily, a giant step in controlling the entire Middle East and posing a dangerous threat to Israel. In other words, our departure from Syria would leave Israel at the mercy of Iran. Recall that right after the Israeli air attack into Syria, last week, in which many Iranian personnel were killed, Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman warned the world, “Accepting Iranian entrenchment in Syria would be to accept Iranians putting a choke-hold on us. We cannot allow that.” All out war would be inevitable.

At this point we plead with President Trump and our allies to remain in Syria to force Iran out of the picture and give the nation of Syria back to its people. Perhaps this is a mere wishful thinking daydream but what are the options? The dire consequences of quitting and permitting Iran and Russia to dominate not only the Middle East and Europe, but to practically place the kiss of death on Israel is unthinkable and not permissible. Hopefully G-d will intervene.


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