Anti-Israel Jews Dig the Knife In

Randi Weingarten, the president of the American Federation of Teachers lectured to the crowd of 3000 at the J Street conference

The annual J Street Conference with its usual glut of anti-Israel speakers ran from April 14th to the 16th, strangely concurrent with Gazan Palestinian attacks on the border fence with Israel. This pro-Palestinian group of misdirected Jews was caught by this action with their partisan pants down. At the time of this writing, the conference had not yet come to a close, but for the first days nothing was said about the shootings of the Islamist rioters who tossed fire bombs, rocks and trash at the IDF troops preventing any encroachment into Israel. And we doubt they will even bring that issue up. Talk about a confused group of Leftists who can hardly face the truth on the ground, that the people whom they defend, who refer to themselves as Palestinians, are far from being “peaceful,” “oppressed” and “persecuted” by Israel.

The most dangerous in our estimation, among this seemingly endless list of speakers assembled to propagandize to the crowd that Israel is the evil Goliath and that Palestine is the embattled David, in our estimation, was Randi Weingarten. She’s the president of the giant union, the American Federation of Teachers, who lectured to the crowd of 3,000, “We are here to call out and to change a right-wing government, with a leader who thrives on hatred and division, who mocks and attacks the press, and who sees the strangers among us as a danger to be feared and mistreated, not as fellow humans.” She looked around the hall and with a quizzical smile, followed up…”Hmm..about which country am I speaking? The truth is that Israel beat us to it, with a right wing leadership years before Donald Trump…but here we are——the similarities are abundant.” We don’t know whether her wife, Rabbi Sharon Anne Kleinblum, was in attendance but surely her statement knocking Israel had to resonate with her millions of faithful teachers around the nation who will parrot her anti-Israel sentiments and opinions to their students. Another nail in the coffin for Israel.

Prior years’ conferences have been outright “hate Israel” gatherings as well, often calling for Israel to end its status as a Jewish state. This was the cause pushed in 2012 by Marcia Freedman, a founding member of B’rit Tzedek, now merged with J Street, who proposed that Israel’s Jewish citizens accept being a “protected minority” in a single nation: an Arab Palestine. J Street is an organization that is poison to the Jewish people and Israel. And Jews should be very mindful to check to see if their rabbis have anything to do with this virulent, anti-Israel group. If so, they must see to it that he or she is shown the exit door. And make sure it’s slammed shut.


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  1. These people who are anti-Israel for any reason should be ashamed of themselves.

    They DO NOT represent me.

    I will work hard to make sure that Randi Weingarten no longer is president of the AFT!


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