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Mice & Vermin Shut Down Trendy Bklyn Pizzeria



World Famous pizzeria Di Fara has been temporarily closed down after it failed a health inspection April 10. reported that the Brooklyn mainstay – which consistently tops pizza connoisseurs list of the best in New York – was hit by the city’s Health Department with over 46 violation points for several hazards, including an alleged rodent infestation and improperly stored food.

Inspectors reported evidence of mice near the food areas, cold foods being held at unsafe temperatures, other foods left unprotected from contamination and facilities that were not vermin-proof, city records show.

Di Fara was opened in the borough’s Midwood neighborhood in 1964 by Domenico DeMarco. Tourists & locals alike form long lines around the block for his New York- and Sicilian-style pizzas. The menu’s signature item is the Di Fara Classic Pie: mozzarella, Parmesan, plum tomato sauce, sausage, peppers, mushroom, onion, and olive oil.

The pizzeria was once a well-kept secret for local Brooklynites, due to extensive praise by food critics and word of mouth Di Fara has become a tourist destination.

Local media reported that pizza lovers did not seem too concerned with the health inspection failings. People who showed up to the restaurant after its shuttering were more disappointed that they couldn’t get a slice than they were about the alleged rodent problem, according to the NY Post.

Restaurants are graded on a violation point system that determines their letter grades — scores between zero and 13 constitute an A, scores between 14 and 27 constitute a B, and scores above 28 earn eateries a C and close monitoring from the city’s health department, according to


During its inspection last Tuesday , the Midwood pizza joint on Avenue J and East 15th Street earned 46 points — 33 points higher than it scored during its last inspection in January.

This is not the first time the famed pizza joint failed the city’s health department food & safety test.  Due to similar violations, the pizzeria also reportedly closed down in 2011 and 2016.

Di Fars is a very old-fashioned shop with a nondescript store front featuring an old and worn out hand painted sign and a beat-up interior.  The owner Domenico DeMarco, is the only person who makes the famed pies and he has been doing it since 1964 building his sterling reputation among pizza lovers and food critics.  His reputation among city health inspectors is not quite as impeccable.


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