An Immediate Call for Congress to Step Up to the Plate and Monitor Facebook

As the nation and the entire world sit riveted to their television screens and mobile devices listening to the testimony before the Senate and the House of Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, one can only recoil in palpable trepidation in regards to the significant data breaches and other nefarious manipulations going on behind the scenes at the planet’s largest social media platform.

With over 2.2 billion account holders, Facebook has evolved into one of the premiere tools of global communication, especially in the fields of marketing, culture, science, religion and politics. The burgeoning imbroglio concerning users stressing out over the disturbing knowledge that their personal data may have been compromised and disseminated by Cambridge Analytica is most horrifying.

The larger implications of Facebook’s problems however carries way more long term egregious ramifications.  The fact that it is now clear that Facebook has morphed in to a political tool that cryptically enforces the unyielding doctrine of liberalism while making it a priority to feverishly target, punish, silence and block political conservatives (i.e. Trump supporters and others of that ilk) or any person or group that does not march in lock step with their circumscribed philosophies, has really placed the First amendment on life support.

Those shady behind the scenes “deep state” folks who are orchestrating an algorithm fiasco in the cyber world of Facebook, and who are presumably directed to do so by Zuckerberg or his immediate acolytes are creating a free speech uprising of sorts. These Facebook main characters should know that by taking an active role in repressing the ability to express oneself, then a backlash of mammoth proportions is soon to follow.

In light of this, we ask that Congress step up to the proverbial plate and do so with alacrity in initiating legislative measures to curtail the insidious Orwellian monster that Facebook has come to represent.  While the Trump administration consistently trumpets the fact that a litany of federal regulations have been repealed, the time is long overdue for enforceable rules to be immediately implemented in order to effectively harness the increasing danger to our civil, political and cultural freedoms that this social media behemoth now personifies.

Crafting regulations to protect the iconic values that our nation was predicated on is not only advisable in light of direct encroachments on our freedoms but they are absolutely imperative in preserving our reputation for fair, free open and honest debate in America and throughout the world. Facebook MUST be taken to task !!     


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