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WATCH: The Truth Behind The “Peaceful” Gaza Protests & Journalist Killed



While Hamas terrorists portrayed their “March of Return” as a peaceful protest against Israel, in reality it was a carefully planned, violent onslaught using human shields, hidden weapons, and seriously biased international media.  While headlines splashed across the NY Times, Washington Post and others declaring  “Israelis targeting civilians”  and  regarding the Palestinian journalist killed ” He was wearing a Vest Marked PRESS,  He was shot Dead covering a protest in Gaza”. The media wants you to think these were peaceful protests and the IDF decided  to massacre innocent people and it was not an attempt of insurrection where terrorists used civilians as shields.    

In reality, the violent riots and attempts to breach Israel’s security barrier represented a carefully planned campaign developed and executed by one of the wealthiest Islamic terror organizations in the world: Hamas.

This video from The Israel Project exposes the Truth.

Watch Below

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