De Blasio Donor Jeremy Reichberg Faces New Obstruction Charge

Former fund-raiser for Mayor Bill de Blasio, Jeremey Reichberg, had a new indictment filed against him last week for obstruction of justice.

On Wednesday, April 4, a new indictment was filed by the feds alleging that a former fund-raiser for Mayor Bill de Blasio obstructed justice when he was arrested on charges of corruption.

The additional charge against Jeremey Reichberg stems from an event in 2016. He allegedly gave an unidentified family member a box filled with business cards and electronic devices to sneak out of his home during a raid by the FBI.

The superseding Manhattan federal court indictment from Wednesday also claims that Reichberg and former NYPD Deputy Inspector James Grant, who is scheduled to go on trial with Reichberg on April 30, conspired to scam government funds as part of an allegedly larger, long going corruption scheme.

The Post reports, “Rechnitz is accused of getting a ride on an NYPD Harbor Unit boat from ex-Deputy Chief Michael Harrington, who pleaded guilty to illegally diverting police resources. Grant allegedly provided Reichberg and pal Jona Rechnitz with ‘numerous’ police escorts between 2012 and 2014.”

According to federal court documents, last year former-Deputy Harrington, who pled guilty to the charge of misapplication of property valued at $5,000 or more on March 1 in Manhattan federal court, along with Grant were accused of granting special favors to Brooklyn businessman Jeremy Reichberg in exchange for lavish gifts.

As the Jewish Voice previously reported, Harrington told the Judge and those present in the courtroom, including his wife Tara, “During this time period I understood Mr. Reichberg to be a leader within the Jewish community, and also considered him a friend.”

Grant, who is also a resident of Staten Island, was stripped of his badge and gun along with Harrington last year. Both men were also reassigned.

Prior to their reassignment, Harrington was the deputy chief of the Housing Bureau and Grant headed the 19th Precinct on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Records show that Harrington was also a former deputy chief of Manhattan North.

Harrington’s family has an extensive history of serving the city as police officers. 11 of his family members have served or are still serving in the NYPD all across New York City.

During testimony in Manhattan federal court in late October, Rechnitz testified that his business friend “Jeremy [Reichberg] had told me in the days of Giuliani, people made a fortune. I was focused on making money, getting my name out there, becoming a big player in town. So I figured maybe I’ll buy an office building, and I’ll get the city as a tenant. Maybe I’ll need to get special permits to make residential developments.”

By Rebeca Gold



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