Geraldo Rivera: Loves Hamas & PLO, Hates Israel, Time For Fox to Dump Him !

So which American cable news personality, came out essentially as a Hamas supporter ? Steven Colbert?  Rachel Maddow? The entire CNN staff? Nope……. Good Ole’ half-Jewish Geraldo Rivera of Fox News !

Geraldo Rivera, in an interview with Fox News, said his biggest regret in his journalistic career is that he did not support the Second Intifada, a violent Palestinian uprising that claimed 1,137 Israeli lives – 78 percent of them civilians, according to the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism – between 2000 and 2005.

Another 8,341 were wounded. More than half were civilians; the rest, Israeli security forces.

In the interview, Rivera also condemned the IDF for killing “14 or 15 people” at the Gaza border with Israel last Friday, during the Hamas “March of Return.” In fact, the majority were armed terrorists attempting to infiltrate Israeli territory.

Rivera said he saw what an “awful life” the Palestinians live under “occupation” and “oppression,” but what he did not explain is that it’s the Palestinian leadership, and not Israel, that oppresses its people, using them as human shields and pawns to attack Israel instead of offering them a better way of life.

The Zionist Organization of America is calling on Fox News to immediately fire Rivera for his horrendous statements. “Fox should not continue to employ a commentator who has stated his support for the wholesale mass murder and injury of thousands of Jews, and who turns truth upside down – blaming the victims and exonerating the terrorists,” ZOA stated.


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  1. Geraldo Rivera! I guess he is a conundrum he’s getting old and losing his mind. In his new mental state he would support shooters killing children in the U.S.
    Pay him no mind, he no longer matters, he has become an idiot.

  2. I am shocked by him, Hamas keeps their citizens in that condition while the leadership takes the money that is supposed to help their people for themselves,what is Israel supposed to do, just let them attack her. Haven’t we learned anything from what the Nazi’s did to our people.

  3. Lately, it appears that Geraldo wants to be all things to all people.

    Still, if he cannot draw the line or understand the line between a terrorist organization and the Jewish state, then management needs to question his analytical abilities and his judgement and, he, therefore, needs to go!