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Instagram Exposes a Crumbling Brooklyn College Campus



Students at Brooklyn College have taken it upon themselves to use social media to push for their campus to get much needed repairs.

Students were asked by several signs hung up throughout the campus to take photos of things that are “broken or falling apart” and submit them with the hashtag #thankyoucuomo to an Instagram page called @cuny_brokelyn_college.

The expansive lawns and gorgeous Georgian buildings at onetime ranked the 26-acre Brooklyn College campus in Midwood as the Number 1 most beautiful campus in the country in a college guidebook. Unfortunately, the beauty does not run very deep, nor withstood the test of time; with the campus’ infamous clock tower even no longer ticking.

Close to 90 photos have been posted to the Instagram page in just a month, featuring ants in the cafeteria, a cockroach in the library, leaking ceilings, broken floor tiles and elevators.

According to The Post, “An entire section of chairs is roped off in one classroom because of leaks and a trash can is perched on top of them to catch the water. There are many photos of busted bathrooms showing an array of toilets and urinals covered in plastic, broken soap and paper towel dispensers and even a video of a continuously flushing toilet. Six stalls in one women’s room had “out of order” signs in one photo with a caption noting that only two toilets actually worked.”

The many posts on Instagram and Twitter poke Cuomo with hashtags pleading for him to help #fundcuny.

The page’s creator, 20-year-old Brooklyn resident and college sophomore Andrea Di Salvio said, “I want as many people as possible to be able to see this issue at Brooklyn College. I hope that enough people see it and get upset/shocked and ask the question, ‘Why isn’t CUNY being funded?’ and demand permanent action be taken to fund the school, not just a temporary cover-up of everything that is broken.”

“Di Salvio said she’s been getting three to five photos a day. Corrinne Greene, 21, a theater major from Buffalo, said the college had to rent space off-campus for performances and that music students played in gymnasiums. A new performing arts center that was slated to be ready by 2014 is still not open,” according to The Post.

Greene told the news outlet, “I truly believe that nothing is going to change until we get better funding from the state.”

Currently over $186 million in construction work is taking place throughout the campus, according to a spokesman for Brooklyn College. He said, that there is also a restoration planned for the iconic clock and that the school “will continue to work with elected officials at the city and state level so that Brooklyn College has the resources to make the necessary upgrades to keep our facilities in a state of good repair.”

Funding for CUNY’s four-year colleges is posed to get around a 3 percent increase in the 2019 budget proposed by Governor Cuomo.

By Hannah Hayes


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