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Baby Sighting; Bob Kraft’s Girlfriend & Infant Spotted



The New York Post last week gave readers what it called the first glimpse of Bob Kraft’s longtime girlfriend Ricki Noel Lander’s new baby. The photo was reportedly taken as Lander, 38, walked in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Interestingly, the 76-year-old New England Patriots owner told the Post he was thrilled, but denied that the child was his.

He and his family purchased the New England Patriots in 1994, and have transformed the team into the second-most valuable NFL franchise, according to Forbes magazine. Under the Kraft Group’s ownership and direction, the company says, the Patriots have become an elite franchise, winning more NFL games, division titles, conference crowns and Super Bowl championships than any other team over the past 20 years. “Since 2002, when the Patriots moved into Gillette Stadium, the team has celebrated one of the most dominant eras in professional sports by establishing one of the greatest home-field records of all-time.”

The Kraft Group, a privately-owned, family-operated company headquartered in Foxborough, Mass., is a major player in the world of business. It ranks in the top 90 of America’s largest privately-owned businesses, according to Forbes and employs more than 9,000 people worldwide.

In the paper, packaging and forest product industries, the company says, Kraft Group companies aggregated together would rank in the top five of all paper and packaging companies in the United States. International Forest Products, the Kraft Group’s global trading company, was the United States’ sixth largest exporter in 2016, according to the Journal of Commerce, conducting business in more than 90 countries. The paper, packaging and forest products group produces, converts and trades in excess of 4 million tons of paper annually.

The company’s sports, entertainment and event management division features Gillette Stadium, New England’s premier concert, entertainment and event venue and home of the National Football League’s five-time Super Bowl champion New England Patriots and Major League Soccer’s five-time Eastern Conference champion New England Revolution.

Its construction and real estate development team, the company’s web site states, has internally built and developed more than $1 billion worth of projects covering all types and uses, from office towers and world-class medical facilities to sports stadiums and mixed-use developments.

The Kraft Group’s team of investment professionals allocates and manages the group’s capital that exists outside of the operating businesses. Today, the group’s portfolio includes world class, hedge fund, private equity venture fund managers, as well as a significant portfolio of direct investments with a primary focus on technology, healthcare and life sciences.

By: Andrew Blodgett Mayfair


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