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Washington Heights & Inwood Are NYC’s Noisiest Neighborhoods



Recent data shows, that Inwood and Washington Heights are the noisiest neighborhoods in New York City, with their residents placing the most noise complaints with 311 consistently for more than 10-years.

Hardworking citizens, who call these areas home, are fed up their unanswered calls for help and the failure of the city to take any action to alleviate the loudness.

A construction worker and seven-year Inwood resident, Johnathan Moca, told The Post, “It’s been like this for years — the whole time I’ve lived here — and no one has done s–t about it. If there’s all these complaints, you’d think the city would actually try and do something about it.”

According to The Post, “The two Upper Manhattan areas were responsible for 24,923 of the 408,647 noise complaints that city 311 operators fielded over the past year, significantly more than other neighborhoods. And it’s been that way ever since the city’s 311 help line was created in 2003. The two areas have racked up 229,822 complaints over the years, regularly more than other neighborhoods. The most complained-about property in the racket-wracked zone is 609 W. 191 St., where 488 grievances were lodged in the past year, mostly for banging and loud music.”

An anonymous elderly woman and longtime tenant of 609, told The Post that she had given up on asking her neighbors to quiet down. As salsa music blasted from an upper floor and hip-hop music came through a window, the woman told reporters, “One tires of telling [people] to stop.”

Last year, 311 received 283 noise complaints about 213 Nagel Avenue, where neighbors said a party house on the fourth-floor was incessantly loud all summer.

The bars that line Dyckman Street in Inwood was said to cause as much commotion as private parties by area residents.

24-year-old lifelong resident of Dyckman Houses, Danilo Brito, told The Post, “It’s the businesses, too. There’s this place nearby . . . and the music was so f–king loud I couldn’t talk to the person in front of me. I don’t know what’s happening, but it’s this trend that everyone is doing. Fine, play music. But why does it have to be so damn loud? They forget that this is a community with families.”

The 34th Precinct of the NYPD has recently added another eight officers to the midnight patrols along the commercial strip of Dyckman Street, in efforts to address the noisiest business with the most complaints.

By Hannah Hayes



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