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Kudos to the American-Israel Relationship



This past Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with President Trump to continue to solidify the increasing positive relationship between their two countries. In looking at the smile on the face of Bibi as he posed with Trump, one found it hard to believe that in that in a similar meeting with President Obama a little more than two years ago the leader of the Jewish State flashed what could only have been a foreboding grimace as he envisaged a continuation of the frigid relationships under a sure-to-be President Clinton. He appears now, to be a very, very, happy, content leader. And rightly so.

Trump has Netanyahu’s back when it comes to the frightening future with Iran sitting atop Israel’s northern border with Syria. Their meeting appeared to have centered on the Iranian nuclear threat with a discussion on the Palestinian issue considered a minor issue. For no matter what the media may editorialize in its news columns, both of these leaders realize as most of us with our heads screwed on right already know, the peace process begun with the 1993 Oslo Accords is dead in the water.

Palestinian leader, Mahmoud Abbas already told us the obvious as recently as this past January when he remarked to Meretz chief Zehava Galon that “the Oslo Accords are dead.” We believe him. Let this deal finally rest in peace and let Israel go ahead with its plans to win over the rest of the world with its humanity, scientific technology and medical advances that it shares with all, enemy and foe.

And Netanyahu appears to be doing just that. He’s busily focused on establishing relations with other major and minor world leaders. During this trip he’s met with President Juan Carlos Varela of Panama and officially invited him to visit Israel. And right after meeting President Carlos he sat down with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan where they discussed, “The strengthening of economic cooperation with emphasis on–inter alia-cyber and the opening of direct air links.”

Bibi then met with Rwandan President Paul Kaame and according to sources, they “discussed deepening cooperation between the two countries.” And again, making an observer’s head spin with his never ending skills of diplomacy, he met with President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of Egypt in the evening. Their discussion focused on both of their nations working together for peace in the region.

One can interpret that as the need for them to join forces to defeat the Iranian threats not only to their own countries but to the other nations in the region. In other words, we can see Bibi forming coalitions that will ultimately transform Israel into a leader nation as it should have been considered from its very beginning. From our pages to G-d’s ears.

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