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Knesset Committee Approves Bill to Prevent Mass Funerals for Terrorists



The Internal Affairs Committee on Monday approved for second and third readings the proposed amendment to the anti-terror law initiated by Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan, authorizing police to delay the transfer of the bodies of terrorists in order to prevent funerals from turning into demonstrations of incitement to terrorism.

The amendment is soon to be brought for second and third readings in the Knesset.

The proposal states that police may order a delay in the delivery of a terrorist’s body until the fulfillment of conditions demanded by police from funeral organizers.

In addition, police will be able to exercise their authority if there is a fear that a person will be harmed, or that incitement to terrorism or expressions of identification with the terrorist or terrorist acts will be carried out, as a result of the funeral.

The list of conditions that police may set as conditions for holding the funeral include restricting the number of participants, the identity of the participants–including preventing the participation of a particular person insofar as there is a danger to public safety from that person or from his participation in the funeral–the path of the funeral procession, the date and time of the funeral, items that may be carried during the funeral. In special cases, police may also determine the place of burial.

In addition, police may order a financial deposit to ensure that the conditions established for the funeral are met in one of two possible cases: the first, when there is concern that public peace and security may be harmed due to the funeral. Second, when there is concern of identification with the terrorist organization or incitement to terrorism.

Minister Gilad Erdan (Likud) said that “terrorist funerals are becoming manifestations of incitement and support for terror, which increase the chances of additional attacks. Therefore, I have waged a tough campaign against the existence of funerals that contain incitement so that the accursed terrorist will not be honored for his criminal act.”

“Unfortunately, the Supreme Court ruled that there is no authority for the regime to hold the body of the terrorist until its conditions are fulfilled–and we must do everything possible so that the law is approved quickly and the authority of the police to prevent incitement returned.”

Chairman of the Internal Affairs Committee, MK Yoav Kish (Likud) said that “the funeral of a terrorist is an unbelievable display of incitement. It’s not another incitement post on Facebook–it is a whole event of hatred and incitement that only generates more terror attacks and increases incitement.”

“Preventing such incidents will be carried out by preventing the return of the body of the terrorist, and the police’s ability to delay the delivery of the body will prevent these displays of incitement,” Kish said.

By: Hezki Baruch


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