The Truth Trumps Manipulators in Parkland

We now know the complete failures of federal and local law enforcement and the school system in providing safety for the kids and their teachers in Parkland

By this time, we are all aware of the tragedy at the high school in Parkland, Florida. No need to review the events of that Valentine’s Day horror. We now know the complete failures of federal and local law enforcement and the school system in providing safety for the kids and their teachers. But we must look at the politics that not only led up to it but at the slimy Progressive Politicians and their Media Manipulators who have exploited this and other similar slaughters for their own purposes. And forget about their camera-ready faux tears, wails and concern for kids, schools and the well being of their communities. Votes and control of the nation are their goals. And they’ll use any means necessary to do that. The lost lives of kids are perfect for this job.

Let’s be real. The Liberal Democrats have been drumming their fingers, tapping their feet and checking their watches impatiently, just waiting for a disaster such as this to occur. A multiple shooting in a school with many deaths! “How could you ask for more?” And when it hit, they were all prepared. The media were on the scene while the evacuated kids were still running, arms raised, out of the school. Kids were pushed in front of cameras before their parents even heard about the disaster. They were all questioned about “gun control” and their opinions of the president. The entire nation was watching and we saw the overt manipulation of kids still in shock, by the media. “Do you think the president will still stand with the NRA and its support for assault weapons after these killings at your school?” asked a CNN reporter of a traumatized 7th grader.

Local Congressman Ted Deutch immediately appeared on the scene to talk about his concern for all kids after this event at Parkland. Ted lives in a well protected, gated, walled community, not like the open to all, unguarded school that houses thousands of vulnerable kids that was attacked. A good reporter would have asked him to compare the security of schools to that of his own residence. Ted’s million dollar home owner community does not sit in a “gun free zone” such as the school is designated. His neighbors are free to legally arm themselves with protective weapons to use in self defense. So why not have trained, experienced security personnel assigned to protect our students? If there are such teachers in the school who are willing to do a dual job, pay them extra and let them do it.

If politicians, judges, lawyers, doctors, mayors, publishers, rabbis, ministers and such are so opposed to guns, let them remove such weapons from the holsters of their security personnel at their own workplaces which would include courthouses, municipal centers, hospitals, city halls, transportation centers, office buildings, newspaper offices, entertainment centers and houses of worship. Are they willing to be as vulnerable as they permit our kids to be at their schools? Not on your life!!!!!



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