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Opines on Florida Shooting Op­Ed

(The Jewish Voice received the following open letter
to FrontPage’s contributing writer, Matthew Vadum)

Dear Mr. Vadum:

Mr. Vadum, when you wrote in a Feb. 23 op-ed in The Jewish Voice that the “gun-grabbing Left demanded even more regulation of firearms…” after the Feb. 14 school massacre in Florida, you clearly were engaging in the very form of exploitative rhetoric that you accused Democrats of using in the aftermath of the horrific crime.

Mr. Vadum, would you look into the eyes of a grieving mother who lost her precious daughter that day, and tell her that she’s a “gun-grabbing Leftist” because she can’t understand why a deranged 19-year-old was able to LEGALLY get hold of an AR-15 military assault rifle?

Do you seriously believe that preventing weapons of war from getting into the hands of people who declare on social media, “I want to be a professional school shooter” somehow interferes with what you call the “civil rights of the Second Amendment”?

Actually, taking your thinking to its logical extension, why not allow anyone to carry a bazooka, an anti-aircraft shoulder gun, or a nuclear warhead for that matter? Don’t hunters need these to go after squirrels, and aren’t we violating their “civil rights” if we deny them access to these weapons of mass destruction?

Even President Trump, who during his campaign had said that he would “never abandon the NRA,” is now seeming to come to the realization that yes, “even more regulation,” as you put it, is needed to avert, or at least reduce the carnage of, another mass shooting.

Mr. Vadum, is President Trump part of the “gun-grabbing Left”?

David J. Glenn


Stop Picking the Pocket of the Taxpayer

Dear Editor:

First it was the Democrats who doubled our national debt from $10 to $20 trillion over eight years under President Obama. Now it is the Republicans who will add $1.5 trillion more over the two years.

Will we ever learn from past mistakes and attempt to reduce both borrowing and long term debt instead of allowing them to grow yearly. The new $21.5 trillion federal debt is only going to continue growing by $1 trillion per year. This inheritance could bankrupt future generations.

Uncle Sam needs to do a better job with several trillion dollars in annual generated revenues already available, rather than pick the pockets of taxpayers for even more. It is time for a return to passing annual fiscal year budgets on time by October 1 rather than a series of continuing resolutions to keep Washington open. Return to pay-as-you-go budgeting; means testing for all government assistance programs; real balanced budgets without smoke and mirrors; stop hiding spending under so-called independent authorities whose budgets are off line with little or no oversight along with actual surpluses and down payments to reduce long term debt for all levels of government.

Everything needs to be on the table including the infamous “third rails” of American politics — Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and military spending. How ironic that after winning the Cold War against the Evil Empire of Communism, it may be mismanagement of our economy that defeats us in the end. Unless we change our ways, America is on the road to losing our status as the World’s number one super power. Just like mighty ancient Rome before the collapse, we are going down the path to become the world’s super debtor.


Larry Penner

Kids Pushed to Do Political Warfare

Dear Editor:

Isn’t it sad that the shooting in Parkland has brought to the fore the total lack of humanity within the local Democrat leadership as evidenced by their using this tragedy for raw, obvious political purposes? The professional, well paid politicos such as House members Schultz, Deutch and Hastings are muted while they push in front of the cameras and to the forefront of the national news media 14 year old kids to mouth their mantra of “gun control” and anti-Trump rhetoric.

CNN, NPR, PBS, MSNBC and all the other Leftist controlled media are shamelessly placing these kids, many of them with obviously scripted messages, to do their emotional battle against the Republicans while those in their elected seats sit back and hope that this will bode well for them in the upcoming elections. And that’s all that concerns them. It’s sad that the parents of these teens permit their kids to be manipulated in such a manner. Shouldn’t these Moms and Dads, voters in municipal elections, have understood that at the ballot boxes they were putting in power school boards, mayors and a sheriff who were not concerned with the safety and security of their children but rather, were candidates with a political agenda? I see or hear not one of these teens turn around and point their accusing fingers at the voters in their Broward districts for their failed responsibility to elect candidates who would fulfill their responsibilities to the community.

Shame on the politicians for bringing into a political their unseasoned, immature, youth battalions to do battle on the front lines. Reminds me a bit of the Jugend groups in WWII.


Alan Bulwarky

Jupiter, Florida

Biased Reporting in the WSJ?

Dear Editor:

A front page headline in a recent issue of the Wall Street Journal was akin to one you’d expect to find in the New York Times. It blasts out: “Kushner Was Told of Security Risk From Wendi Murdoch Friendship” and continued on page A2 with one blaring word, “Risk.” The reporting of Kate O’Keefe and Aruna Viswanatha alleges that there might have been some security risk from this Wendi mystery woman who might have been an agent for Chinese businesspeople who could have been agents of the Chinese government.

No actual facts were presented to the reader. No names of sources. Just phrases throughout the story such as: “..according to people familiar with the matter,” “one of these people said,” ..according to people familiar with the intelligence community,” ..according to people familiar with the protocols,” and to top it all off, in alleging there was some collusion between Jared Kushner and this mystery woman, “During the trip, Ms. Murdoch socialized with Mr. Kushner and others in the presidential delegation at the St. Regis hotel in Beijing, according to a person familiar with the meeting.” In short, this article, a news article supposedly, gives no names of people who were familiar with anything. Only innuendo and a good attempt at character assassination. This is a tattered tactic used daily by the NYT, WAPO, CNN and MSNBC. It is a sad day when one of the more reliable news sources such as the WSJ leads its loyal readers astray with such allusions and sinister overtones in an apparent, well orchestrated hit piece against the Trump’s.


Chet Newcomb


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