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Three Cheers for a Military Parade



President Trump has indicated he would like to have a parade in D.C. to honor our military. He has always shown great respect for our men and women in uniform from the time he first entered office. His salutes to the Marine who stands at the foot of the Marine One helicopter as he exits are always crisp and done with military bearing. He treats our military, wherever he meets them, on base or off, with deep respect unlike Obama, who rarely glanced at the Marine and sloppily tossed his hand to his head and boringly ran through the tradition started by President Reagan. With all the passion that Trump has shown for the military, his suggestion to honor the men and women now in uniform and veterans who have served in all of our wars, as expected, the radical Left is having conniptions about his plans. They have little love or respect for these kids or their officers. They have a history of contempt for our troops.

Democrats do not want this display of American prowess to take place. They have no affection for our military. Senate heavy, Dick Durbin, the Democrat Senate Minority Whip and a chief spokesman for his party once labeled American troops as “Nazis, Soviets in their gulags or some mad regime–Pol Pot or others that had no concern for human beings.” Then there’s another “heavy” Democrat, John Kerry, who served as a Senator representing Massachusetts, as Secretary of State, ran for President and very briefly served in the Vietnam War. According to his fellow shipmates Kerry requested and received a medical discharge based on “self inflicted wounds.” He testified back in 1971 in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that our troops were killing babies, raping women, cutting off ears and “rampaging every day through the Vietnamese countryside like the hordes of Ghengis Khan,” to smear and slander Vietnam vets. He also supposedly tossed his medals over the White House fence. And the guy with the wavy hair has told college students that if they don’t study hard, do their homework and don’t make an effort to be smart, they might end up in the military.

Suggestions from the Jewish Voice who support this idea to the planners. The parade, still in its idea stage, might take place on Veterans Day, again to honor our military. Veterans of all wars, in their uniforms can be honored by marching along with active duty troops in the parade. We have a total voluntary military now. There is no draft. We depend on volunteers. This parade can initiate a nationwide recruitment campaign to stimulate and give incentive for our young people to consider joining up. Most importantly, this display of American just might dissuade the petty despots of the world from threatening our great country. We say, “Let’s go with it!”


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