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How to Deal with Poland

Dear Editor:

It is my opinion based upon conversations held today that what is occurring in Poland and the response from Israel and other countries is not being handled correctly. All that is being achieved is the spread of anti Semitism and hatred of Poles. The more Poland is attacked, the more they will defend themselves. Those in Poland friendly to Jews will turn into people who hate us. Much work has been done to develop harmonious relations in Poland between Jews and Polish citizens. I am organizing a TV show a week from this Tuesday to discuss the situation. I am happy to help any organization seeking harmony between Jews and the Polish people.

It is important to remember the positive history Poland had with the Jews in the pre-WWII era. Most of my family, born in Poland, was murdered by Hitler and were in concentration camps in Poland. But these were German concentration camps in Poland and millions of Poles, not just Jewish Poles, were murdered by the Germans. Some will not spend any money in Poland or visit the country; others have dedicated their lives to creating a bond between today’s Poland and the Jewish community. There must be a peaceful solution.

Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg

Democratic Intransigence

Dear Editor:

The hide-bound intransigence on the part of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D) in the face of the crying need for a well-reasoned compromise on the vital issues before this session of the U. S. Congress, practically assures that the inevitable result will be an unnecessarily ill-conceived, clumsy piece of legislation.

The incomprehensible ramblings of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D) are so lacking in logic or reason that while they certainly add to the noise in that Chamber, they contribute absolutely nada, nothing that would lead to anything close to an equitable compromise solution of the issues that currently confront this session of the U. S. Congress.

Meanwhile, the white-hot rage of hatred being directed at our duly-elected President Donald J. Trump has relegated the Democrat minority in the U. S. Congress to acting out sadly, like a bunch of painfully comedic fools. Hence, earning them the title of, ‘The Dis-Loyal Democrat Opposition’. What a shameful waste of time, effort & expense–not to mention the loss of dignity being embarrassingly suffered by so many Members of this session of the U. S. Congress, regardless of Party.


Howard Drucker

Options to Improve the USPS

Dear Editor:

There are solutions to complaints concerning problems with delivery of mail. Congress needs to consider providing regulatory relief for reforms which could assist the Post Office in providing better services. The United States Post Office has averaged quarterly losses of $550 million in 2017. . This will now result in the price of a first class stamp going up by a penny from 49 cents to 50 cents later this year.

One wonders why they previously first decreased the price of a first class stamp from 49 cents to 47 cents, before bringing it back to 49 cents. Part of the problem is that Congress in 2006 mandated that the Post Office fully fund 75 years of retirement benefits for employees. This has contributed billions to the Post Office’s long term debt. While many private and other public retirement plans are under funded, the Post Office is vastly over funded. It is time for Congress to amend legislation and afford the Post Office ability to fund its retirement plan at a more reasonable level.

There are other initiatives which could assist the Postal Service in avoiding frequent postage stamp increases. The Post Office should continue with more joint business ventures like Amazon in expanding Sunday delivery. This could be the start of something big. Using underutilized assets and facilities on Sunday could generate badly needed revenues. This would assist in developing alternatives to the periodic increasing frequency of raising the price of first class stamps every few years.

Why not consider going after other available untapped potential revenue streams? Consider these untapped sources to reduce operating deficits and perhaps even turn a small profit. The US Postal Service could sell advertising space on the sides of mailboxes, inside and outside the post offices along with the small jeeps, regular trucks and heavy-duty long-haul trucks. Sell off some of the valuable real estate and move to less expensive locations.

Have members of Congress, State Legislature, NYC Council and other elected officials pay the real, full costs for their annoying frequent bulk rate mailings to constituents. They are nothing more than free re-election campaign brochures subsidized by taxpayers. Charge the full price for all junk mail. Future increases in the price of stamps should be directly tied to inflation.


Larry Penner

Free Elisha Odess

(The following open letter to Israeli MK Ayele Shaked was sent to the Jewish Voice for publication)

Honorable Ayele Shaked, Minister of Justice;

After more than two years in administrative detention, there will be a court hearing deciding the fate of Elisha Odess. Elisha was incarcerated at age 16 and viciously tortured for three weeks by the Shabak to force him to “confess” that he was involved in the Duma arson even though there is no evidence linking him to this crime.

The court hearing, which was supposed to take place today, Monday, February 12, was postponed due to the judge’s illness. I am here asking you to please do all you can to ensure that this young man receives just and fair treatment by the Israel justice system.


Chaya Chava Shulman

Brooklyn, New York


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