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The Battle for Israel’s Life



How can this be……..a few months short of being a 70 year old nation, the State of Israel is still fighting a day-to-day battle for existence. Is it in any way, shape or manner a totalitarian state such as Cuba? Does it hang gays from street posts as is done in Iran? Does it have its citizens roam through dumpsters for their daily sources of nutrition as they must do in Venezuela? Or does it ban others whose religions are considered “unholy” from living, entering or earning a living within its borders as do the Muslim states of Arabia, Kuwait and Somalia to Jews? Of course not.

But this past week, with Israel keeping out of the carnage in the neighboring country of Syria, only reacting to provocations from the north, an Iranian military controlled drone and launched from Syria, was shot down. Sadly, in its follow-up destruction of the possible explosive laden drone, Israel lost one fighter jet, shot down by ground to air missiles supplied by and possibly manned by Russians. We may never find out who controlled the craft but the launching bases together with its operators were totally destroyed by Israel air attacks. So now Israel is facing threats by both Iran and Russia who are taking over an area that will surely become a base for more anti-Israel attacks. These threats to Israel’s citizens and their lives appear to have no end in sight. Israel is now in the battle for its life.

It is no longer facing threats from mere troops, tanks and artillery. The Russians will supply its ally in Syria with whatever modern arms are available, from anti-aircraft and ground-to-ground-rockets to nuclear weapons. Prime Minister Netanyahu, on Saturday stated that Israel would “defend itself against any aggression and any attempt to violate its sovereignty.” In a fake-out statement of pure hypocritical concern, the Russian Foreign Ministry urged “all sides to exercise restraint and to avoid any actions that could lead to an even greater complication of the situation.”

So, according to the Russkies who invaded and are responsible for hundreds of thousands of fatalities in Syria, Israel is somehow complicating the situation by counterattacking its enemy who initiated the conflict and is threatening the Jewish State’s destruction? How can a nation, a victim of armed aggression by another state not respond and protect its citizens from being annihilated? Did Russia not respond to Nazi Germany with a fierce military force in 1941 to destroy its enemy? Again, we hear the same old mantra from Israel haters for it to appease its enemies, to stand with hands at sides and beg for mercy. Six and one half million of our people did that in Europe. Meanwhile the Allies were destroying Germany not with pleas for restraint, but with deadly and punishing force. Our suggestion to our Israeli cousins is to treat their enemies like we did in WWII. Enough with playing defense. Without a strong offense, a team is a loser.


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Robin Rosenblatt

    02/18/2018 at 5:03 pm

    Attention Americans, Conservatives, Jews and Christians! Israel is facing a major emergency! War may be coming to Israel. Israel reports that Hezbollah threatens Israel with 100,000 rockets and missiles. Death and destruction can come from major forest fires in the Galilee. Don’t make our soldiers fight the enemy AND fires. There’s a long-term solution to the risk of fires: The solution is CATTLE, yes – CATTLE! Cattle that eat the shrubs that catch fire! Learn more at Israel Longhorn Project!

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