Israel’s Largest Ever Winter Olympic Squad Head to Korea

Alexei (Oleksii) Bychenko, will be figure skating for Israel in the Olympics (photo: Wikki creative commons)

Ten Israeli athletes are heading to Pyeongchang, South Korea for the Winter Olympics, making this the largest  ever Olympic squad representing Israel.  The athletes will represent the nation in four different winter sports, I-21 reported.

Short-track speed skater Vladislav Bykanov, Alpine skier Itamar Biran, Skeleton racer Adam (AJ) Edelman, and Figure skaters Alexei (Oleksii) Bychenko, Daniel Samohin, Evgeni Krasnopolsky, Paige Conners, Adel Tankova, Ronald Zilberberg and Aimee Buchanan.

This is Israel’s largest-ever Winter Olympics delegation since its first participation in the Games in 1994, I-21 reported. Three of the athletes participated in the 2014 Winter Olympics: Bychenko, Krasnopolsky and Bykanov.

Israel has never won a medal in a Winter Olympics, however many fans are banking on Alexei (Oleksii) Bychenko , who earned the silver medal in the 2016 European Figure Skating Championships and is known for mastering difficult moves such as the quadruple jump.

Only three of the 2018 Olympics teammates were born in Israel (Biran, Samohin and Zilberberg), Bychenko, Bykanov, Krasnopolsky and Tankova are Ukrainian natives, while Edelman, Conners and Buchanan were born in the United States, I-21 reported.

Adam Edelman,  who will particapate in Skeleton racing said: “, “The most important thing to me is that there will be a lasting image of another Israeli walking behind the flag.” Skeleton Racing is a sport where  the athlete rides prone on a small sled down a frozen track.

Israeli technology will be featured at the Winter Games, too. Thanks to a deal between Intel and the International Olympic Committee, special viewing features will be available from Israeli startup Replay Technologies, I-21 reported

The games will begin this weekend, starting on Febuary 9th


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